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IIMs introduce innovative courses, IIM C to focus on soft skill development

IIMs introduce innovative courses, IIM C to focus on soft skill development

TestFunda ,  14-Jul-14
IIMs are repackaging themselves with the introduction of innovative courses keeping in mind domestic and global market trends. At the same time, IIMs are trying to bring in more cultural diversity in the classrooms and make learning real-time and interactive using business simulation and other innovative techniques.Keeping in mind the growing importance of China for Indian managers, IIM Bangalore has launched Business China, an elective course for the 2013-15 batch. IIM B has also launched 23 elective courses including courses on foreign languages and Asian Economies. IIM Calcutta has recently introduced innovative courses on Marketing at the Bottom of the Pyramid and Corporate Irresponsibility. Next month it will launch a unique programme in Health Care Management. IIM Lucknow has also started a one-of-its-kind programme. This programme called EFPM caters to senior-level executives who want to take up research but cannot opt for a regular doctoral programme.The primary motive behind these courses is to help the would-be manager analyse actual scenarios before he steps out to take on a role in the corporate world. 

Taking note of the virtual rage that is increasingly taking students away from tackling real-life situations, IIM Calcutta has designed a completely new curricullum for its PGPEX students to develop their soft skills. This new curricullum will help the PGPEX students to better communicate, negotiate, understand cross-cultural business ethics and help them upgrade their EQ which will further help them in their own areas of work. Instead of studying for 810 hours, the PGPEX students will now study for 690 hours in the classroom. The number of credits has accordingly been reduced from 78 to 66. Of these 690 hours, only 70% would be for theory teaching. The rest of the classroom time will be utilized to help develop communication and negotiation skills among students. Role plays, debates and quiz will replace the chalk-and-talk method.A host of extra curricular activities are being framed for the new academic session so that the PGPEX students have enough to choose from varied games to dramatics, music , poem/fiction writing etc.The output would be graded.If successful, the new model of teaching is likely to be included in the two-year flagship PGP courses as well.
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