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Engineers ace CAT 2015

Engineers ace CAT 2015

TestFunda ,  19-Jan-16
Over the years, engineers have managed to top CAT and the trend continued this year too. This data comes from IIM Ahmedabad, the organiser of the test. CAT 2015 was taken by around 1.8 lakh students this year and all 17 toppers who scored 100 percentile have an engineering degree. This year the pattern of the test was changed considerably to provide an even playing field to students from diverse fields who were taking the test. This may have happened because engineering students are quite serious about taking the test and prepare religiously. 

It is observed that a lot of engineers want their academic qualification to reflect a combination of engineering and MBA and they prepare with the intention of getting into a top B-school. This helps them ace the test. Many other students don't take the test very seriously. Apart from this, brilliant students from other streams like physics, English and chemistry don't even give a thought to taking CAT. Earlier attempts by the IIMs to get a diverse mix of students saw the number of female candidates taking the test go up by 13.8% which is a little over 58,000 in comparison the number of male candidates this year rose by just 4%.

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