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After facing drought like conditions for two months, the south Indian state of Karnataka has been hit by incessant rains for the past week.
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Around 400 civilians and approx. 150 vehicles were rescued by the Indian Army from a landslide-hit road in Ladakh.
 189 Views1 Comments
The north-eastern state of Assam has experienced the worst floods in the last couple of decades as 27 of its 28 districts are inundated.
 3025 Views9 Comments
Campaigners surveying the Taj Mahal have warned that its foundation is rotting and if the necessary action is not taken then the structure might collapse. Built by the grief stricken widower Shah Jahan, the Taj Mahal is an attractive tourist destination and brings 4 million visitors in a year to Agra.
 1039 Views2 Comments
In a massive catastrophe caused by a tsunami that hit Japans Eastern coast, more than a thousand people were killed and boats, cars and homes were swept away. The tsunami was triggered by the largest earthquake recorded till date.
 2387 Views5 Comments
As per the estimates made by the UN Population Division, by late 2011 the total global population will amount to an alarming figure of 7 billion. As per the estimates made by the UN demographers around 1.8 billion women globally are in the child bearing age.
 1045 Views1 Comments
Initiatives to slow down deforestation are finally showing results, and may be the salvation of forests in places like Brazil, Indonesia, etc.
 1153 Views1 Comments
Two states on the East Coast of America vie to become the first to harness offshore wind energy by setting up wind farms off the Atlantic coast.
 595 Views2 Comments
Water conservation is a self-perpetuated crisis of governments. What is the way forward?
 445 Views0 Comments
Copenhagen summit sees intense lobbying from all sides to reach a consensus
 2097 Views5 Comments
The United Nations Climate Change Conference is taking place at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark, between 7 December and 18 December 2009.
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Investigation found juice cartons, British newspapers, Walkers crisp packets, UK school reports and plastic bag sat the top of a stinking rubbish mound in Tamil Nadu. It was traced to the Walton-on-the-Naze home of Geoff Moore. . Waste from Britain is being shipped to India!
 260 Views3 Comments
Oceans are less capable of absorbing the emissions generated as their acidity rises
 511 Views1 Comments
With the Copenhagen Summit scheduled for next month, the International Energy Agency (IEA) is pushing for a global commitment from the rich nations to end energy poverty.
 468 Views0 Comments
Environmental legislation in the US is causing rifts in the fuel and energy industry
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