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In a rather ironic situation while on one hand the US State Department declared that it would host UNESCO’s World Press Freedom Day in 2011, on the other the government ordered companies such as Amazon, PayPal, MasterCard to withdraw their services from wikiLeaks.
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Although India is set to overtake China as the most populous country, China may still be the one leading economically. Read more
 1258 Views5 Comments
Do businesses exist solely to maximize their own bottom line or do they have a moral obligation to follow a triple bottom line approach? Corporate social responsibility sounds like a seductive business concept but does it really make business sense? This ongoing debate takes on new twists and turns almost on a daily basis.
 3342 Views19 Comments
With the general elections just a few months away, the race between the top contenders is heating up. The era of coalition politics is far from over, and for that very reason it is impossible to accurately predict which group of allies will come into power at the centre. In spite of the uncertainty hanging over the final outcome, a few prominent names are being discussed as potential prime ministerial candidates. What are their prospects in 2009?
 5853 Views15 Comments
There are many lessons that the Indian Corporate Sector can learn from the Satyam scandal. Foremost is the knowledge that this may not be an isolated case. Secondly, the sector needs to pull up its socks and agree to ethical business practices. In this regard, the big fish need to take the lead and set an example for the smaller players. As harsh as it sounds, it may be necessary to let Satyam go to reinstate client confidence in the Indian IT sector.
 1553 Views3 Comments
With defeats in India and to South Africa at home by convincing margins, team Australia is no longer comfortably perched on top of the cricketing world. A lot of high-profile retirements in the recent past and a few more to come in the near future, the team is clearly on the decline. What ails Australian cricket? Are the Indians and South Africans ready to seize the opportunity to dethrone the ageing champions?
 4123 Views13 Comments
With the blessings of the Central government in New Delhi, the state government of Maharashtra announced its grand intentions of making Mumbai a “world-class” city like Shanghai. But, events ranging from natural disasters to terrorist attacks made a complete mockery of these grand intentions. Serious doubts were raised as to whether the city would collapse under the strain of its myriad problems, including a population bursting at its seams and a collapsing infrastructure.
 1193 Views13 Comments
Since the beginning of 2008, US forces operating within Pakistan and Afghanistan have launched several strikes on alleged terrorist targets located in Pakistan without consulting or informing the government of Pakistan. These unilateral actions have angered the Pakistanis, more so because of the civilian casualties accompanying these strikes.
 2669 Views3 Comments
India has had a history of Separatist movements, which have stemmed from a sense of difference and segregation on religion, language or ethnicity. These movements have been either state re-organisation movements or independence movements. On many occasions, these movements have taken violent turns. How legitimate are these movements?
 1345 Views5 Comments
Barack Obama’s statement that he would urge India and Pakistan to find a peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue has ruffled a few feathers in Indian diplomatic circles. India has always opposed international intervention of any kind in a bilateral issue. But with Indo-US relations on a strong footing and the general positive attitude of the rest of the world towards India’s stand on Kashmir, maybe the time is ripe for India to invite US mediation in the affair.
 2032 Views12 Comments
The Great Depression of the 1930s was perhaps the worst phase in the history of the US. By the end of the depression nearly a quarter of the population of the US was unemployed and over 5,000 banks had collapsed. The current economic situation is also very bad but is it a depression yet? Or is it heading towards one?
 1127 Views26 Comments
The Fab Four of the Indian middle order have been worthy champions over the years bringing great cheer to cricket fans across the country. But are their days of glory over? Their recent record seems to indicate that it is. With the young Turks waiting in the wings, is it time for these great champions to hang up their boots and walk into the sunset?
 3589 Views7 Comments
What does the Indo-US Civilian Nuclear deal mean for both countries involved? Did the US arm twist the IAEA and the NSG into accepting the India-specific amendments? Has the deal made the NPT and the CTBT redundant? Is the growing relations between the US and India an attempt to curb the dominance of China in Asia?
 2146 Views4 Comments
The fall of housing rates in the US escalated into a major financial crisis, with borrowers choosing to default on home loans. This led to the collapse of banks, financial institutions, and insurance companies. Finally, the federal government had to step in with a rescue plan to save the collapsing financial institutions and bail out the economy. As expected, the economic situation in the US had far reaching affects across the globe. But what was the root cause of this crisis?
 1652 Views5 Comments
The MNS agitation against North Indian immigrants in Mumbai took a serious turn with incidents of violence being reported from across the state. The government arrested MNS leader Raj Thackeray and SP leader Abu Asim Azmi on charges of inciting violence. Is the MNS agitation justified or are they seeking political mileage? Has Mumbai lost its cosmopolitan outlook?
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