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The United States has requested India to relax the leash that the government has on the content that goes on the internet. They has asked the Indian government to relax the law and order and also ensure "full freedom of the Internet," where an undue advantage of social media sites has been blamed for panic rise in India.
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Following the success of the non violent movement in Egypt and the overthrow of Mubarak, other mid eastern nations such as Yemen, Bahrain, Iran, Algeria, and Syria showed signs of similar civil movements towards democracy and combat of unemployment and rising food prices.
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The never ending power negotiation between India and China is changing its course as India strives to determine its own position. In a new stand of assertiveness taken by PM Man Mohan Singh, the country has decided to strengthen its ties with other nations in South East Asia.
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After a relatively long period of staying out of the news, the Naxalites made a gruesome comeback by ambushing and gunning down a party of 15 policemen in Gadchiroli, on the Maharashtra-Chattisgarh border. The incident shook the administration out of its complacency and forced it to focus attention again on this mysterious, underground organization which has been operating out of some of the remotest regions of the country for over four decades. Who exactly are these Naxalites?
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As the Obama administration took charge in January 2009, it was faced with challenges more severe than any faced by previous administrations. At home, Obama has to battle a massive financial crisis and joblessness. He also needs to make bold reforms in fields like education and healthcare. He also has to deal with issues like pulling out troops from Iraq, putting a halt to the nuclear programs of Iran and North Korea and fighting the war on terror in Pakistan and Afghanistan.
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While India and the US are ‘natural allies’, the US-Pakistan association is of a grimmer nature. The US needs Pakistan’s help to win the ‘War on Terror’, while Pakistan depends on the US for the funds that are so essential to its survival. Following the Mumbai outrage, India wants the US to urge Pakistan to keep a check on its militant outfits. At the same time, the US wants India to refrain from initiating hostilities against Pakistan, so that the ‘War on Terror’ goes on.
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With the blessings of the Central government in New Delhi, the state government of Maharashtra announced its grand intentions of making Mumbai a “world-class” city like Shanghai. But, events ranging from natural disasters to terrorist attacks made a complete mockery of these grand intentions. Serious doubts were raised as to whether the city would collapse under the strain of its myriad problems, including a population bursting at its seams and a collapsing infrastructure.
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India has had a history of Separatist movements, which have stemmed from a sense of difference and segregation on religion, language or ethnicity. These movements have been either state re-organisation movements or independence movements. On many occasions, these movements have taken violent turns. How legitimate are these movements?
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Barack Obama’s statement that he would urge India and Pakistan to find a peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue has ruffled a few feathers in Indian diplomatic circles. India has always opposed international intervention of any kind in a bilateral issue. But with Indo-US relations on a strong footing and the general positive attitude of the rest of the world towards India’s stand on Kashmir, maybe the time is ripe for India to invite US mediation in the affair.
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The agitation against north Indian workers in Maharashtra has resulted in a huge exodus of the affected people from the state. It has not only brought the industries in Maharashtra to its knees, but also cost the economy an enormous amount of money.
 650 Views7 Comments
How can Mumbai ever see orderly urban development, with world-class infrastructure and civic amenities for all its residents, if there is deliberate and corruption-induced disorder in the use of its most scarce resource — land? How can a city grow if short-term and partisan political interests undermine a long-term and integral vision of urban renewal? These are some of the concerns Raj Thackeray is trying to raise, although his method of doing so is wrong.
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This article attempts to find why Mumbai is losing its cosmopolitan culture and becoming a victim of divisive identity politics. Is Raj Thackeray justified in objecting to ‘outsiders’ taking up jobs and making a living in the city?
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The MNS agitiation against the North Indians is an attempt to strike at the Shiv Sena votebank and portray itself as the true representative of the local Maharashtrians. While this may actually split the Marathi votes between the MNS and Shiv Sena, parties like the Congress and the NCP stand to benefit from this. Is politics in Maharashtra on a downward spiral?
 1597 Views5 Comments
The MNS agitation against North Indian immigrants in Mumbai took a serious turn with incidents of violence being reported from across the state. The government arrested MNS leader Raj Thackeray and SP leader Abu Asim Azmi on charges of inciting violence. Is the MNS agitation justified or are they seeking political mileage? Has Mumbai lost its cosmopolitan outlook?
 2787 Views15 Comments
With India and the US signing the Civilian Nuclear deal and co-operating on various other issues, there can be no doubt that the term of the Bush administration was very good for India. But, with the democrat Barack Obama at the helm, will Indo-US relations continue to be on a strong footing? Or will Obama side-step India and focus on Pakistan and Afghanistan to win the War on Terror?
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