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An IT services renowned name - Infotech Enterprises announced its plans to buy majority stake in the aerospace engineering joint venture it has with American aircraft engine maker Pratt & Whitney.
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The booming software industry is worried about the possibility of arcane rules and regulations falling upon it.
 473 Views0 Comments
The Economic slowdown coupled with the possible cut in expenditures incurred from the client end has impacted hiring of freshers in the IT sector.
 777 Views3 Comments
Why the Internet giant might have a better smartphone strategy.
 1292 Views4 Comments
Apple finally crosses its old rival to become the world's largest technology company, but faces competition from Google
 1297 Views10 Comments
3G auction rates are double of what the government expected. But will telecom operators be able to sustain the high cost of 3G access?
 722 Views1 Comments
The Iceland volcanic eruption threatens to bring a massive consolidation in the airline industry, which is already reeling from the recession of the last two years.
 1220 Views17 Comments
With the coming of the iPad, one of its possibilities being explored is in the field of education. The question is whether the iPad will help usher in the age of electronic textbooks, or will it take more time to do so.
 566 Views2 Comments
Social media is moving from global to 'glocal', and this is being typified by the rise of location based social media services like Foursquare
 501 Views2 Comments
Mass produced electric cars will launch this year, and governments and power utilities get ready to welcome them
 308 Views1 Comments
Vikram Pandit, Cheif Executive of Citigroup, is accepting only $1 a year in pay until his bank is consistently profitable. New York magazine called Pandit the “Most Powerless Powerful Man on Wall Street”.
 1093 Views5 Comments
China seems to be retaliating to Google's move to Hong Kong by blocking access to the site.
 662 Views0 Comments
Bill gates has invested in terrapower, a company that's developing the next generation of nuclear power plants which will be cleaner and greener than the current ones, while burning used fuel rods coming out of the present ones
 465 Views0 Comments
Google now eyes the TV space with the next generation internet ready TVs and Set top boxes, ties up with Intel and Sony
 477 Views0 Comments
Technological innovation is increasing in pace, and a new industry paradigm is being created. How prepared are our companies?
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