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 1146 Views1 Comments
Two states on the East Coast of America vie to become the first to harness offshore wind energy by setting up wind farms off the Atlantic coast.
 506 Views1 Comments
With the Copenhagen Summit scheduled for next month, the International Energy Agency (IEA) is pushing for a global commitment from the rich nations to end energy poverty.
 466 Views0 Comments
Environmental legislation in the US is causing rifts in the fuel and energy industry
 81 Views0 Comments
India's claims of being one of the world's least polluting is upheld by four different models used to track emissions. This gives New Delhi solid footing to fight demands that India cut back on emissions
 923 Views12 Comments
The crisis: the growing gap between India’s energy supply and demand; 400 million still without electricity; climate change policies demanding emission reduction by reducing fossil fuels; reduction in fossil fuel usage could hamper economic growth; economic climate already dim; How does India energize while keeping the environment clean and the economy buzzing? Yes, we have the nuclear deal. But, how far will it take us? Can renewable energy offer solutions to the crisis?
 417 Views0 Comments
The comprehensive energy plan prepared for the country indicates that India is looking beyond nuclear energy to meet its needs. The plan lays a lot of emphasis on tapping sustainable sources of energy, especially solar energy. Solar energy is the most logical source of energy for a country like India. But, its use has been hindered by the prohibitive cost of the technology. Will Government funding speed up research on solar energy and make it a feasible source of energy for India?
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