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Everonn Education Ltd crossed over 8 per cent today after the company struck a deal with Bharti group company, Centum Learning.
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The rupee softened by six paise to rest at 55.34 against the US dollar, in volatile trade. This occurred due to an increasing demand for the US currency from oil importers
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China growth in industrial output fell to a three-year low in July.
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Bogged down by a poor show by the manufacturing sector, especially capital goods, industrial growth contracted by 1.8 per cent in June. This is the third such slide in four months, causing further deterioration in the overall economic scenario.
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India’s banker’s bank - Reserve Bank of India has recommended that the finance ministry of India simplify the country’s foreign investment regime.
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Private sector giant HDFC Bank on 27th July 2012 toppled India’s largest nationalized bank State Bank of India (SBI) to become the country's most valued lender in terms of market capitalization.
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On 20th July 2012, the Finance ministry of India declared that any employee with an annual income of up to Rs. 5 lakhs will not have to file tax returns. This will be seen to in effect from the 2012-2013 assessment year.
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According to Blufin, the month of June witnessed the worst consumer sentiment with the index level dropping to 40.3. The index is based on how inflation, prices and the employment market influence consumer sentiments.
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Given the financial instability created by the 2008 recession, Economists question the intent of the architects who’ve created the current Economic system.
 1455 Views3 Comments
India seeks to be leader among the 3rd world developing nations but it certainly is no role model. The country has been outdone by several other developing countries.
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Although India is set to overtake China as the most populous country, China may still be the one leading economically. Read more
 813 Views1 Comments
The Prices of vegetables like Onion, Potato, etc has seen more than 20% upsurge in the recent weeks and it seems the trend will continue in the near term. Coupled with the increase in prices of petrol and diesel, this rise in the vegetable prices has increased the budget problems of the Indian household
 3213 Views14 Comments
Though the Government sees education as a not-for-profit sector, some have found ways to mine the gold. But is this morally right?
 1037 Views5 Comments
Capitalism has not raised the economic condition of all. Instead it has contributed to greater unhappiness. What is the solution?
 995 Views2 Comments
The foreclosure crisis may trigger another round of banks going under in the US
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