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Following the success of the non violent movement in Egypt and the overthrow of Mubarak, other mid eastern nations such as Yemen, Bahrain, Iran, Algeria, and Syria showed signs of similar civil movements towards democracy and combat of unemployment and rising food prices.
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India now has the capability of neutralising antagonistic satellites in space. This was determined by the success of the Interceptor Missile Mission. According to V.K. Saraswat, Scientific Advisor to the Defence Minister, India is equipped with the necessary technological know how that will help deal with anti – satellite missions.
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In a recent case of 14 Foxconn employee suicides, the company which is the biggest manufacturer of electrical components around the globe received a lot of negative media publicity. The media blamed the suicides on low wages and poor working conditions.
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As per the estimates made by the UN Population Division, by late 2011 the total global population will amount to an alarming figure of 7 billion. As per the estimates made by the UN demographers around 1.8 billion women globally are in the child bearing age.
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Certain investors from Gurgaons Citibank branch had a tough moment as they were defrauded of a sum of INR 3 billion by their relationship manager. The manager made his clients sign blank cheques which he later deposited in the accounts of his family members.
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Given the financial instability created by the 2008 recession, Economists question the intent of the architects who’ve created the current Economic system.
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India seeks to be leader among the 3rd world developing nations but it certainly is no role model. The country has been outdone by several other developing countries.
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The Wall Street Journal and India Knowledge@Wharton present a special report on Multinational Corporations and Rural India.
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The never ending power negotiation between India and China is changing its course as India strives to determine its own position. In a new stand of assertiveness taken by PM Man Mohan Singh, the country has decided to strengthen its ties with other nations in South East Asia.
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In a rather ironic situation while on one hand the US State Department declared that it would host UNESCO’s World Press Freedom Day in 2011, on the other the government ordered companies such as Amazon, PayPal, MasterCard to withdraw their services from wikiLeaks.
 985 Views3 Comments
Anil Ambani, chairman of the Reliance-ADAG group was known to like do big things in a big way, and hence most of his brands were named BIG, like BIG Cinemas, BIG TV, etc. But the strategy seems to be changing and Reliance ADAG group may stop being BIG anymore. Read full article
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Although India is set to overtake China as the most populous country, China may still be the one leading economically. Read more
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The failure of GSAT-5p, when GSLV F06 disintegrated within minutes of launch and fell into the Bay of Bengal, has caused alarms in the Indian Space research fraternity. The failed rocket puts a doubt on India's ability to put satellites in the geostationary orbit. It also does cast a doubt on the dreams of sending a manned space mission.
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The Prices of vegetables like Onion, Potato, etc has seen more than 20% upsurge in the recent weeks and it seems the trend will continue in the near term. Coupled with the increase in prices of petrol and diesel, this rise in the vegetable prices has increased the budget problems of the Indian household
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