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On this page you can see the 20 most recent Tips of the Day.
When solving a question paper, instead of doing it section by section, you can try solving it in the order of questions that you are most comfortable with. Try this approach in a few mock papers before finalising this strategy.
Every even power of every odd number is of the form 8k + 1.
Practice switching between solving different question types. This will help you prepare for the actual exam.
If x = y(mod z) denotes that when x is divided by z, the remainder is y, then for a prime number, p,

1p - 1 + 2p - 1 +3p - 1 + … + (p - 1)p - 1 = 0(mod p)
Even Reading Comprehension passages in CAT 2008 had a few questions that required a good knowledge of vocabulary. So vocabulary is also important for Reading Comprehension.
If p is a prime number and a, b are two integers less than p, then,

ap - 2 + ap - 3 b + ap - 4 b2 + … + bp - 2 is a multiple of p.
Find the right speed to read reading comprehension passages by reading different passages/tests at different speeds, and then comparing the results. Look at not only the scores that you get but also the level of confidence that you have.
If x = y(mod z) denotes that when x is divided by z, the remainder is y, then for a prime number, p,

(p - 1)! + 1 = 0 (mod p)
Analogy questions require a good knowledge of not just vocabulary, but also secondary meanings of words, since the relationships are sometimes based on them.
For a positive integer, n,

n! = nn - nC1(n - 1)n + nC2(n - 2)n - nC3(n - 3)n + … + (-1)n - 2 nCn - 22n + (-1)n - 1 nCn - 1
With the recent focus on vocabulary based questions in CAT 2008, reading up your wordlist is more important than ever.
If x = y(mod z) denotes that when x is divided by z, the remainder is y, then for integers a, b, c, … and a prime number, p,

(a + b + c + …)p = (ap + bp + cp + …)(mod p)
To increase your comfort level with the kind of material that appears in Reading Comprehension passages, try reading newspaper editorials from somewhere in the middle.
If [x] denotes the greatest integer less than or equal to x, then for any positive integer, n,

[(n + 1)/2] + [(n + 2)/4] + [(n + 4)/8] + ... = n
Even if you have to say “I don’t know” during an interview (even more than once), maintain your composure, the tone of your voice, and your confidence.
The difficulty level of any section generally decreases with an increase in the number of questions. For example, in CAT 2008, the verbal section was easier, compared to the the other two sections.
Have a strong reason for points that you make during the group discussion. Be prepared to defend your point of view in case other participants do not agree with you.
Some DS questions can be solved using a single statement as well as both the statements together. In such cases, only the option corresponding to that single statement should be considered.
The essence of the GD is to discuss rather than debate. Remembering this will help you earn brownie points.
In Logical Reasoning questions, especially those based on arrangements, making a table of the common data provided can be useful in solving the questions quickly.
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