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On this page you can see the 20 most recent Tips of the Day.
Be prepared to be flexible in your approach while attempting mock papers. There have been occcasions in past CATs where questions that have traditionally appeared in one section have been moved to another.
When three terms are in Arithmetic progression, the middle term is the arithmetic mean of the other two. It is always convenient to take three terms in an A.P. as a - d, a and a + d. Similarly four terms in A.P. could be taken as a - 3d, a- d, a + d and a + 3d.
Learn to read correctly, comprehensively, and precisely in the first iteration of reading a paragraph or a passage. This comes with practice in reading, attention to detail and unwavering concentration on the reading material.
The sum or difference of any two odd functions is an odd function.The division or multiplication of an even number of odd functions is an even function whereas that of odd number of odd functions is an odd function.i.e. Odd function raised to an even power is an even function whereas raised to an odd power is an odd function.Derivative or integral of an odd function is even function.
When solving verbal questions with very close answer options, have a consistent strategy: check whether spending time on questions that you are not really confident about rewards you. Depending on your analysis, either leave those questions, or spend more time in order to get them right.
Two quadrilaterals are similar if their corresponding angles are equal. Similar quadrilaterals have the ratio of any corresponding linear measurements equal to the ratio of their corresponding sides. Ratio of area of similar quadrilaterals will be equal to the square of the ratio of their sides.
In Verbal questions, learn to work with the options, especially question types such as choose the right word, FIJ, and Jumbled Sentences. This will help reduce the time taken to solve these questions.
A quadrilateral is said to be a cyclic quadrilateral if it is possible to draw a circle passing through all the four vertices of the quadrilateral. In a cyclic quadrilateral, opposite angles are supplementary and the external angle is equal to the interior opposite angle.
A paragraph summary is, by definition, shorter than the paragraph it summarises, and hence options that provide specific data- numbers, statistics, superfluous details from the paragraph should be avoided.
For any two even functions, their sum, difference, product or division (of one by the other) is an even function. The derivative or integral of an even function is an odd function.
In Paragraph Summary questions, options that cover the key points of the paragraph, but change the tone of the paragraph, subtly or otherwise, are to be avoided. Look for options that address the essence of the paragraph.
A line joining mid-points of two sides in a triangle is parallel to the third side and half of the third side.
In the case of paragraph fill-in-the-blanks, use your understanding of the entire paragraph to select an appropriate answer choice. An answer choice that fits into a particular sentence, but does not agree with the tone of the paragraph should not be considered.
For a given perimeter, equilateral triangle has the maximum area of all the types of triangles. Conversely, for a given area, equilateral triangle has the minimum perimeter, of all the types of triangles.
Know your preferences before the exam starts, but be prepared to change them based on the nature and type of questions asked. Don't miss out on easy questions that are of a type that you do not like, or attempt too many difficult ones of a preferred type.
In a triangle, the angle opposite to the longest side is the largest and the angle opposite to the shortest side is the smallest. If two sides are equal, then the corresponding angles are equal.
Don’t give up on the habit of reading editorial pages, and other material in the last few days before CAT. Continual depth and breadth of reading is what will hold you in good stead during the exam.
In a test, even after spending a reasonable amount of time on a question if you find that you are not making any head-way, it makes sense to leave that question and forget about it. While solving the next set of questions, avoid mulling over the lost time and reducing your concentration.
In Quant or DI questions do not waste time in finding the values of the variables as it may not be necessary. Sometimes we just need the ratio(s) and not the actual values.
In an RC passage, making a 5 – 10 word summary of each paragraph, and writing it beside the paragraph increases retention and understanding of the passage.
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