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On this page you can see the 20 most recent Tips of the Day.
Spend a lot of time preparing for the first and the most important question of your Personal Interview – ‘Tell us something about yourself.’
(m + n)! is divisible by m!n!, where m and n are two integers.
On the day of GD-PI, get acquainted with the participants' names and backgrounds during the waiting period. This will help you address them with their names during the GD and relax your tense nerves throughout the process.
The graph of an even function is symmetric about the y-axis whereas the graph of an odd function is symmetric about the origin.
The ability to play different roles at different times in a GD will put you in good stead. Different situations in a GD will require you to have the mobility across roles.
In two concentric circles, a tangent to the smaller circle, which is also a chord of the larger circle, gets bisected at the point at which it touches the smaller circle.
On the day of GD & PI, carry snacks, beverages, chocolates or whatever foodstuff you would like to munch during the breaks. You may have a long day and the process may go well into late evening or night.
Sum of all the n digit numbers formed by any n distinct digits is given as
(n – 1)! × (sum of n digits) × (111… n times)
As a part of your personal interview preparation, spend time articulating your strengths and weaknesses- at least three each. Then think about 2 instances or events where you displayed each of these.
If logax1 > loga x2 then x1 > x2, if a > 1 and x1 < x2, if a < 1
Having the ability to speak clearly and confidently will help you go a long way in the GDs and PIs. If you face trouble in any of the two, a surefire way to improve is - practice, practice and more practice.
If p/q = a/b then and only then p/q = (p + a)/(q + b)
There are very few B-school interviews where the interviewee can convincingly answer each and every question or has answers to every question.
All the numbers of the form n3n, where n is a natural number, are completely divisible by 6.
Your answer to the first question – ‘Tell us something about yourself’ will set the tone, pace and direction of the rest of the interview. It helps to be very clear about what you are planning to speak for that question.
If two vertices of an equilateral triangle have integral co-ordinates, then the third vertex cannot have integral co-ordinates.
Use this time to get prepared for the next round of selection – GD & PI. Brush up on newsmakers of the last six months and keep yourself updated with current affairs.
If any positive number p is added to both the numerator and the denominator of a ratio a/b and if a/b > 1 then the new fraction formed is smaller than the original fraction whereas, if a/b < 1 then the new fraction formed is greater than the original fraction.
Nervousness can be a big negative factor in a group discussion and an interview. This is especially so in the case of freshers. Look at the positive side, and accept the worst that may happen. This may motivate you to give your best!!
[x] = [x/2] + [(x + 1)/2]where, [x] is the greatest integer less than or equal to x
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