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 Unattempted Questions Launch: We all know that the time available for attempting a test is limited. You can relaunch only the questions that you did not get the time to attempt in the main attempt. You can spend as much time as you like when you solve these questions. This will help you get additional practice in your preparation for CAT. 
 Why TestFunda 
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Well Researched Content and Effective Instructional Strategy

The TestFunda Team has extensive experience of creating award winning training and assessment products for international markets. The TestFunda courseware has been designed keeping in mind an Effective Instructional Strategy which is bound to benefit all MBA aspirants. The Content Development Team consists of experienced trainers, CAT toppers, IIT graduates and Subject Matter Experts.

Personalised Study Material to Help Students Derive Maximum Benefit

TestFunda provides MBA aspirants with high quality material which is personalised to suit their distinctive needs. Today’s classroom, correspondence and online courses lack personalised feedback and individual attention. They follow a “one-size-fits-all” ideology which does not benefit students with specific learning needs. In contrast, the content provided at TestFunda is customised to suit the unique needs of each aspirant. We help recognize strong and weak points. We also provide strategies to strengthen weak concepts and extensive practice to improvise strong areas. This ensures that each MBA aspirant maximises his score and attains a high percentile.

Also TestFunda allows the MBA aspirant to choose which format of courseware he wishes to study from – Print, Android App or Online.

Well Designed Full Length Mock Tests and Past Entrance Exams’ Papers

The Full Length Mock Tests are designed considering the evolving MBA Entrance Exams patterns. The Full Length Mock Tests have variations in pattern and difficulty. They reflect the different samples that MBA Entrance Exams have taken in the past and may take in the future. These tests familiarize the aspirants with the actual MBA Entrance Exams. They also help the student strengthen his test-taking ability.

We also have all the previous years’ papers for various MBA Entrance Exams and also for CAT. So, a student can take the previous CATs in an online format which comes in handy as the CAT is going online.

Detailed Analysis and Customised Feedback

On completion of a test we give the answer key along with detailed explanations, score, national percentile and minimum suggested scores. In addition, we have unique Personalised Analysis Reports that give feedback on speed, accuracy, question attempt strategy and other parameters. These reports highlight the areas that need improvement with specific suggestions. We also provide the following to help the aspirants work on the areas that need improvement:

Personalised Study Guide: Each test (Full Length Mock Tests or a previous entrance exam paper) is followed by a Personalised Study Guide. This study guide evaluates the student’s performance in the test and suggests lessons that need to be studied.

Personalised Post-Assessment Tests: After each set of 3-4 iCATs, we evaluate the student’s performance and design an iPAT; a specific Full Length Mock Test with new questions for students to practice their weak areas. The difficulty level of questions will range from easy to difficult. This will ensure that the student attains confidence even in his weaker concepts.

Personalised Practice Tests: After each set of 3-4 iCATs, we provide 2 full length Personalised Practice Tests with new questions for students to further improve their performance.

Innovative Product Features

We have many features in our product that will help a student prepare for the MBA Entrance Exam at his own pace and convenience. This flexibility allows the student to maximise his knowledge base with ease. We believe in simplicity, and the entire courseware is intuitively designed so that the student finds the product extremely straightforward to use. Some of these features have been listed below:

Unattempted Questions Exam: It is not possible to attempt all the questions in a test in the given time. So we provide an Exam where the student can attempt those questions at another time. To ensure that the student still practices the questions, the test reports do not show the solution to unattempted questions. However, there is always the option of seeing the answers as and when you wish.

Answer Sheet: For all the tests we provide the student with an answer sheet. This answer sheet is made keeping in mind the paper-pencil based MBA Entrance Exams as also the new online pattern for CAT.

Multiple View Modes: Students can attempt any test in a Single Question Mode (see one question at a time) or in a Multiple Question Mode (see the questions of a section all at once).

Pause Test: We understand that a phone call or the doorbell could be an interruption while taking a test. We have provided the functionality of pausing and resuming a test just to tackle this.

Save Test for Later: We recommend that the student takes the test in one sitting. But, if because of a busy schedule the student cannot spare 2.5 hours required to take a full length test at one go, we are here to help. We have provided the convenience of saving an exam and resuming it later.

Course Progress Map: This gives a snapshot of the student’s progress. This is a quick way to understand what all is completed and what is remaining.

Cutting Edge Technology

Anytime. Anywhere. No need to waste time to travel to coaching classes. Instant analysis of test attempt, including national percentile scores. Technology offers many benefits but we know that sometimes it can be frustrating. So, the TestFunda Team has used all its experience of designing cutting edge technology products to make technology work to the student’s benefit.

Insured against unreliable internet connection. Once a test is launched, there is no need to worry about the internet connection. Even if the connection is lost when the test is completed no data is lost. When the connection is restored all the data gets retrieved!

Insured against power cuts or failures. Even in case of a sudden power failure a student’s data is not lost. We maintain the data automatically and the students can start off exactly where they got cut off.

Optimized for low bandwidth. The product works perfectly even on a dial-up connection.

MBA PREP CENTRE: MBA Related Information, Strategy and Other Resources

This is a one point stop for all the questions and information needed on anything to do with CAT or any other MBA entrance exam. We will be constantly updating it with news and analysis of anything that might impact a student’s preparation. In the 100 PERCENTILERS section there are articles on how to prepare for any MBA Entrance Exam. In the ONLINE QUIZZES section there are useful resources to exercise the mind. And much more!

Integrated Ask a Doubt Facility

The Ask a Doubt feature allows the students to ask our content experts for advice on any aspect of their CAT or any other MBA Entrance Exam preparation. In addition, to facilitate the students’ study, we have integrated the Ask a Doubt feature into the reports of every test and exercise. So, all the student needs to do is click the Ask a Doubt button, on any question, of any test or exercise. We will clarify all doubts within one working day. If the students still do not understand, they can keep asking until they are satisfied.

People Behind TestFunda

TestFunda has been conceptualised by the same Instructional Designers who have designed high-end technology based training and assessment products that are currently being used across thousands of schools and colleges in North America.

Our core team consists of IIT/IIM graduates who have been there and done that. is the national leader in online aptitude test prep focusing on MBA & Bank test prep market. It has a strong technology focus - online, android app & analytics backed by 7 lac+ registered users and 300+ institutional partners. TestFunda's comprehensive courseware helps students get into IIMs and other top Business Schools, apart from the burgeoning PO, Clerical and other secured Bank jobs.

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