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Well I bought the TF courseware around this time last year and I never knew that it will be so useful. Having gone through the course material of CL, IMS and TIME I almost had a plethora of concepts and thought TF's material will be just similar to the earlier materials and won't be much new in it. But gosh was I proved wrong or what. The concepts, shortcuts and the best thing how the formulae are derived caught my attention. The knowledge which I had gained from so much sources, its bundled at one place. It has enough concept clearing questions, practice questions and test to judge your aptitude from basic to advanced level. This was about quant whose material is easy to prepare but the material is equally good and I can even go further and say that is even better in DI/LR and verbal part. You don't have to refer Wren n Martin, Raymond Murphy any more. Just TF material is enough for you. Concepts broken down to topic level and explained so clearly for everyone to understand are the USP. Along with that you have such good iCATs whose difficulty level resembles the actual CAT paper with equal mix of sitters, medium and tough questions. For every test you get rigorous analysis so as to gauge your strong and weak areas and here also TF scores with such deep and wide analysis. Add to it the unattempted questions test feature and customized test for your weak areas. All in all it is one stop preparation bible for any MBA aspirant and I could have only wished I could have got this early in my career.
IIM Indore
sumit khanna, Ludhiana
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