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GDPI Homepage
Taken the CAT or other MBA entrance exams?
The next step towards getting admission at a B-School is the Group Discussions and Personal Interviews. has compiled a number of resources to help you prepare for the upcoming GD-PI sessions for various entrance exams.
They include interview questions, interview tips, how to prepare for interview, interview skills that are needed, group discussion topics, group discussion tips for MBA entrance exams and more.
GDPI Videos GDPI Experiences
Watch videos of prior GD-PI workshop conducted by TestFunda.
Get tips and strategies related to GD-PI preparation.
Download videos and transcripts.View various kinds of GD & PI.
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Get Expert opinion, past GD-PI experiences & other helpful GDPI resources.
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Current Affairs & GDPI Capsules
Compilation of news and current affairs for GK section in various entrance exams.
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