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TestFunda Team
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Talk to our CAT experts and get the right strategies in place. Improve your test-taking skills and get tips to maximize your scores. Doubts related to specific questions can be solved using our ‘Ask-a-Doubt’ interface.


rpalwe: Good Evening Sir,
What is the target that one should keep before the paper irrespective of the difficulty of the paper? Some people say 40% of the questions... Some say 60% questions with 80% accuracy... What should be the target i.e. the minimum target for an IIM Call? I agree the answer to this question depends on the difficulty of the paper but still the MINIMUM?
TestFunda: Keep in mind that having minimum targets is not necessarily a good idea. If the level of difficulty is very high, this will unnecessarily pressurise you. If the level of difficulty is low, then this may be too low.
Hence, concentrate on doing your best rather than having targets, which be too low or too high.
rpalwe: I got 115/240 in iCAT 0911 and 106/280 in iCAT 0915. I have applied to MDI, SPJIMR, IMT. I am not getting the marks needed to get into these colleges. Which other colleges should I apply to?
TestFunda: These scores are not bad. You should prepare and hope for the best.

However, to improve your chances, you can apply to NITIE, TAPMI, IMI, FORE, NIRMA, and you can apply to other exams also like FMS.
rpalwe: R u taking IIFT related queries?
TestFunda: This chat is not related to IIFT, but yes, you can ask your questions. If possible, we will answer them.
Eureka!: Hello Sir,
I have one question specific to Reading Comprehension. I usually have a good accuracy in RC questions. However, as I am taking more and more mocks, it seems to be degrading. I almost go blank while reading the RC passage; especially when I see the options.Please let me know what should be the strategy to maximixe scores in RCs?
TestFunda: Now is the time to ensure that all the hard work that you have put in comes to fruition. It is not necessary that you do well in the mocks to perform in the actual paper.
Just relax, take a little more time, and you will be fine..
rpalwe: The strategy for IIFT is very important considering the amount of time and the number of questions? What should be a candidates strategy for IIFT? I have searched a lot on net but all one can find is strategies for CAT. Can u throw some light on how to manage the 120 minutes in IIFT?
TestFunda: Last year for a 100 marks paper the overall cutoff was around 32+. But they have not specified whether there is sectional cutoff or not. But since there are sections, there must be some sectional cutoffs (may be very low).
120 min can be divided as:
10 min : Scanning etc.
30 min : QA
30 min : DI
30 min : RC
10 min : VA
10 min : GK

The order or attempt may change.
Eureka!: Thanks for the reply Sir. One more thing, with all the preparation that I have done till now.Also, the fact that I will be appearing for TestFundas last Mock CAT for 2009 - iCAT 16 on 21st Nov.What should be my approach for the same?
TestFunda: Keep your cool and all the best.
kedar.007: Hello Sir,
I come from a commerce background, i score well in verbal and good in DI. But my scores in quant are very bad with less than 2 weeks to CAT. Could you provide me with some tips on how to strengthen this weak area of mine. Maybe some important lessons which i should study ??
TestFunda: You should try to spend enough time to ensure that you clear the cut-off. Try to pick up the questions that are easy enough for you to solve.
sammittal: sir is it very probable that cat 09 will be 4 option test as the demo present so sir also plz tell how to choose eazy question when only one question is seen at atime inonline cat
TestFunda: The number of questions is coming down - hence question selection will not be so difficult.
One strategy is to go through the questions sequentially, and attempt the ones that you like - then come back to the other ones.
This would have been difficult with a larger number of questions.
sammittal: sir there is lot of talk that cat 09 will be 4option test plz guide us will cat be 4 option test
TestFunda: The number of options should not make a difference to your strategy - what matters is your relative performance versus other people. Since you have attempted five options tests, you will be more than comfortable with four option tests, if that happens.
bitvarunranjan: Hello Sir , Does the cut-off predicted by Test Funda are cut-offs for getting 1 IIM call or 3-4 IIM calls ( whose selection criteria is solely CAT score like IIM C)
TestFunda: The cutoffs that we predict are for getting at least one IIM call.
bitvarunranjan: In iCAT 0914 , I scored 114/195 and had Overall Rank-5 but, the cut-off was 113 . Did the students fared badly , or , cut-off was predicted on a higher side ?
TestFunda: iCAT 0914 was intended to be on the easier side, hence the cutoff prediction. However, people may not have been able to score well.
Either case, you should be happy.
sammittal: should we guess in cat any tips tricks strategy plz tell
TestFunda: Intelligent guessing is useful - if you can eliminate at least two of the options, then do so.
Don't guess blindly.
bitvarunranjan: Thanks Sir for your prompt reply ... VA has always been a hurdle for me . 50 % times I clear VA cut-off , 50% times I don't. In the last 15 days , can you suggest, which sub-section like RC, Para Jumbles , Sentence Correction or Critical Reasoning , should I put my effort into , atleast to get past the sectional cut-off score
TestFunda: In the last few days, just practice as much as you can.
bitvarunranjan: Although , its too early to ask for it , but still . Is Testfunda planning to conduct any Mock GD-PI sessions ? I am a big fan of Test Funda , especially , the Technology part . None other has provided such deep analysis of the Mocks , Best wishes to all the CAT-aspirants. Thanks TF for the support.
TestFunda: Look out for an announcement on GDPI Sessions.
Views : 2909
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