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sarika.t: hi
Vineeta Sharma: hi
sonalipadukone: Hi Ma'am
Vineeta Sharma: hi students. I am vineeta sharma, head of Branding and marketing, ITM business School. Please ask your questions and querries. 
Nicholas: Good evening!
Vineeta Sharma: Good evening

Nicholas: Wens the chat starting
Vineeta Sharma:
Started already

Nicholas: Hello Vineeta Ma'am!
Vineeta Sharma:
Hi Nicholas
pranali.durgawale: My quants section is weak so how to improve on that
Vineeta Sharma: It is kind of late as improvements are the first thing you should be looking at. Now what you can do is, try making your strong areas stronger. Practice more on the most comfortable topics so that you get cent percent numbers on those topics. 
Nicholas: pretty tensed . less than 10 days to go. what shud be my focus area now.
Vineeta Sharma: Are you prepared? If yes, then why tensed and if no then also why tesnsed? 
sonalipadukone: What would be the best approach to crack CAT 2016?
Vineeta Sharma: approach the answers categorically. Do not attempt the questions you are not sure about as there would be no minus marks for them. Do not overspend your time on one question. Think rationally and act smartly. In 30 secs, if you cannot crack the answer then leave it and move on. 
himansh95: In half an hour’s time, I am able to do only 2 DIs or 2LR problems. How can I improve on my speed?
Vineeta Sharma: Too late to ask this question. This is because you are very weak at your basics. You need to work on your basics. What are the colleges you are targetting? 

Nicholas: nervous u cna say maam. shud i focus on fundamentals or mocks ?
Vineeta Sharma:
take full length tests now. Time for fundamentals are gone. analyse the paper well and find out the weak areas. If you have to leave questions in CAT then skip it from the weak areas so that your answers from your strong areas fetch your marks. 
tanya22: hi
Vineeta Sharma: hi
hanuman1: Hello mam,

Any last moment tips. I am bit nervous about CAT
Vineeta Sharma: Sleep well, relax and go with open mind. If needed watch a movie a day before. :)
raj.aryan: Hi
Vineeta Sharma: hi
pranali.durgawale: What should be my study plan for 8 days to CAT
Vineeta Sharma: Solve at least 2 full length test and time yourself. Work on time and accuracy. 
tanya22: I am not sure about scoring more than 80%tile in CAT. plese help
Vineeta Sharma: The score 80%. there are many good B-Schools that would accept 80% and you can still do your MBA, get a good job and make a good career. 
raj.aryan: what should be my focus area to crack cat
Vineeta Sharma: The area you are most comfortable and strong at. 
tanya22: also can you help with list oof potential colleges to not waist a year
Vineeta Sharma: Its waste and not waist. 

It depends upon your score Tanya. First focus on CAT and based on your tentative score select your B-Schools. You may choose a good b-school within 40 ranks. 
Nicholas: will surely do that !
Vineeta Sharma: :)

debdootb: Hello Maam, should we take any new mocks now? Since there are only 7 days left for CAT
Vineeta Sharma:
yes. Yu can take 2 mocks and analyse them properly. Work at atleast one of your weak areas to score that extra marks. 
mohd.sabu: Hi
Vineeta Sharma: hi
KillerN: Good evenin,......
Vineeta Sharma: hi
KillerN: i am unable to attempt entire paper. pls help madam
Vineeta Sharma: CAT is not meant to be completed. Solve only those question you are 70% sure of. Its a balance between time and accuracy. If you solve 70% of the paper with 85% accuracy you have killed it. 
Megha.V: How should I Strategize my VA section as to attempt more with decent enough accuracy to clear cut off.
Vineeta Sharma: Answer the questions you are sure about. Do not do any guess work if you don't know the answer. 
tanya22: does ITM feature in the best MBA institutes?
Vineeta Sharma: ITM is the 32nd best B-School as per business standard India, 29th as per Business today and 33th as per TOI Best B-School Ranking. For 2017 pass outs 40% of the students are already placed with 15lakhs as the highest and 6.8 lakhs as the avg. package. Our curriculum is one of the most modern and learning based. For more details call Vineet @ 8080511223
shahamisha: Hi Mam,

Any changes expected in this year paper?
Vineeta Sharma: There is no speculation for the change of patterns. but you never know. So be prepared for any surprises. 
tanya22: are testfunda mocks good enough to practice inthese last 7 dayz
Vineeta Sharma: Any Mock is good enough and they are prepared by experts. Good or average, you would still get some practice. 
raj.aryan: ok but i m more comfortable and strong only in DILR section what to do for Quant and verbal section, can u please suggest me some most important topics from it.
Vineeta Sharma: You cannot learn word meanings and grammar now so tell me which are your strong topics? 
KillerN: accuracy is what i am worried. m not very quick
Vineeta Sharma: so answer less questions and only those which are from your strong areas. You also know that making it to IIM would be difficult with your kind of preparation but choose the B-School you want to apply to and keep a few in your consideration list for the circumstances where you do not score as much as you had expected. 
monish.despande: Mam,
I want to make my career in logistic industry. Does MMS have any specialisation for the same or i will have to opt for PGDM?
Vineeta Sharma: You can specialize in areas like supply chain and operations. This will help get you a better career and future in Logistics industry. ITM has a specialization in Supply Chain and Operations Management. We get good companies for placements as well. 
tanya22: and how does itm compare with welingkars and somaiya
Vineeta Sharma: ITM and welingkars are at par with each other. The difference is ITM has a 5 months internship as compared to the classic 2 months. This helps you to get closer to the corporate and get better jobs and career. You can also get a chance for a PPO if your performance is liked by your organisation. This year we have 38 PPOs so far. 

Somaya is better ranked than both ITM and Welingkar. 
Megha.V: What would be the cut off this year for CAT?
Vineeta Sharma: Depends upon the paper. Wish I was a a soothsayer and could predict !!!
KillerN: whats the cutoff at ITM for CAT ?
Vineeta Sharma: We take students on Composite Scores that takes into account your 10th, 12th, graduation markes, your test scores, GDPI scores and work ex if any. 
raj.aryan: as per my mocks score of verbal i m good at Elimination Techniques, Critical Reasoning, Para Completion and summary...
Vineeta Sharma: Than concentrate on these areas to score more than to worry about your weak areas. Now you do not have time to improve on your weak areas so better strengthen your strong areas. 
monish.despande: ok. Mam can i get more details with regards to avg.package and companies which comes for placement
Vineeta Sharma: Sure. Please call vineet @ 8080511223
raj.aryan: and in Quant i m good at Arithmetic and Algebra.
Vineeta Sharma: 2 topics cannot sail you through. You should have studied at least for 6 months. Nevertheless, take a few mocks and try to score better in your strong areas. 
KillerN: fine maam!
Vineeta Sharma: Welcome :)
adi2kool: wen are the form sales happening at itm ?
Vineeta Sharma: it has started. If you fill your form before 15th Jan you would be eligible for scholarship round. the link to form is 
raj.aryan: ok thanks mam

Is there any change in paper pattern of CAT!
Vineeta Sharma: No change is announced this year except 10 mins more in the test. The test would be of 170 or 180 mins. 
John0089: i am from pune. when is ITM gd/pi here ??
Vineeta Sharma: We will announce the date very soon. Have you filled the form? 
adi2kool: wahts the scholorship
Vineeta Sharma:
ITM in its 25th year is offering 100 scholarships to the tune of 25% to 100% on 1st year fees. If you have the merit we will surely help you with the money. 

It would be a test with 50 questions in 60 mins with moderate difficulty level. 
raj.aryan: I have heard that the no of questions are going to increase in some section and vise-versa in other two section...
Vineeta Sharma:
Section 1 - RC & VA 34 questions. VA 10 and RC 24. 

DI 32, where DI and LR is 16 each and QA section would be 34 questions. 
pratik.kothari: Hi Ma'am,

What are the time slots for CAT 2016 exam?
Vineeta Sharma:
Last year there were 2 time slots. 

Morning - 9–12

Afternoon - 2–5

If there are any changes it would be mentioned in your admit cards. 
pratik.kothari: Ma'am,
I have heard about ITM scholarship.Please let me know how to avail it?

Also, which scores does ITM take?
Vineeta Sharma: Please fill the form before 15th Jan. You would be eligible for scholarship round. The dates would be announced shortly. You would be going through a scholarship test and the admission process. Your results would be announced on the same day and if you want to reserve your seat then you would need to submit a DD of 25000/- on the name of Institute for technology and management. The process would be elaborately explained in your call letter. 
John0089: not yet mam
Vineeta Sharma: Than what are you waiting for. Go and fill the form. 
adi2kool: thats fantastic to hear. will definitely attend the exam!
Vineeta Sharma: Please fill your form asap. 
pratik.kothari: hello mam - i am not good in Arithmetic and Algebra - any suggestions ?
Vineeta Sharma: You should have worked hard to learn it. Now what you can do is skip the questions from this section. 
ViniM: Hello vineeta Ma'am,

Can the cat centre be changed for 2016?
Vineeta Sharma: Your center would be mentioned in your admit card. Mostly it would not be changed. 
John0089: waitin for cat first
Vineeta Sharma: Sure. 
raj.aryan: ok thanks maam
Vineeta Sharma: Welcome
kritikad: good eveninG!
Vineeta Sharma: hi
kritikad: just in time i suppose
Vineeta Sharma: yup.
kritikad: wanted some important tips from u madam
Vineeta Sharma: Please ask. 
kritikad: wat to study in these upcoming days
Vineeta Sharma: Take 2 mock tests and analyse it. 
kritikad: ok maam ..
Vineeta Sharma: Also focus on increasing the accuracy level of your strong areas so that you can score well. 
kritikad: u accept MAT scores right ?
Vineeta Sharma: yes we do. 
ViniM: would you like to give any last minute tips?
Vineeta Sharma: Do not take stress, no baggages, be cool, if you are prepared you should not worry and even if you are not prepared you should not worry because you cannot prepare for CAT in a week. So chill and give it your best shot. 
kritikad: u have scholorships for mat applicants also ?
Vineeta Sharma: Yes. We have scholarship for all the MBA aspirants irrespective of the test they are taking. its a test of merit and not what enterance test you are taking. 
kritikad: whats the ;ast date for forms buying ?
Vineeta Sharma: the last date for applying for scholarship is 15th Jan and general admissions is 31st march. 
Vineeta Sharma: Thankyou all for participating in the CHAT. All the students who have participated in this session are eligible for 50% discount waiver on their forms. Please call us on 8080511223 and ask for your discount code. 

All the best for your CAT !!! Crack it !!!!
Vineeta Sharma: Thankyou all for participating in the CHAT. All the students who have participated in this session are eligible for 50% discount waiver on their forms. Please call us on 8080511223 and ask for your discount code. 

All the best for your CAT !!! Crack it !!!!
Vineeta Sharma: Thankyou all for participating in the CHAT. All the students who have participated in this session are eligible for 50% discount waiver on their forms. Please call us on 8080511223 and ask for your discount code. 

All the best for your CAT !!! Crack it !!!!
Vineeta Sharma: Thankyou all for participating in the CHAT. All the students who have participated in this session are eligible for 50% discount waiver on their forms. Please call us on 8080511223 and ask for your discount code. 

All the best for your CAT !!! Crack it !!!!
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