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Vineeta Sharma: hi
vaishali.singh: HI mam
Vineeta Sharma: hi
vicky.malhotra: hiee
Vineeta Sharma: hi

vaishali.singh: Any tips in these last 3 days? what to focus on?
Vineeta Sharma: focus on your strategies. Keep your mind cool and do not jitter. You would perform as per your preparation. 
shah.vaibhav: Hello Mam,

Any end moments tips to focus on?
Vineeta Sharma: As I said, focus on the right questions as there is negative marking, do not hesitate in leaving a question. Read some current affairs topics as it may help you in your essay writing. 

shah.vaibhav: Hey
Vineeta Sharma:

mehtaanuj: Good afternoon mam
Vineeta Sharma: Good afternoon
mehtaanuj: How many Mocks per day should I attempt for these last few days ?
Vineeta Sharma: You should not focus on attempting mocks. that will not help. What would help is analysing your paper after the mock and working on your weak areas. If you go on taking mocks and don't know what your weak areas are then there is no point on taking mock tests just for the sake of it. Now the time is too less. Take a mock and work on at least 2 weak areas

shah.vaibhav: Which area to be more focused on? attempting maximum questions or focusing on accuracy?
Vineeta Sharma:
It should be a good balance of accuracy and speed. Attempt at least 85% of the paper because on more than 14 unattempted questions you have 0.05 minus marks. 85% of paper with 84-89% of accuracy will sail your through
vicky.malhotra: I am an average academic student. How can i prepare for XAT?
Vineeta Sharma: Late question. Now focus on the B-schools that would take an average student and make it corporate ready so that you compete with the XLRI gang in the real corporate world. :)
mansi.mehta: hi mam
Vineeta Sharma: hi
vaishali.singh: my quants is weak. so asking
Vineeta Sharma: It takes minimum 6 months to strengthen your sections. one week is too less. But try your best according to your preparation. 
ruchi.shukla: Hi Madam,

please suggest strategy to finish the exam on time.
Vineeta Sharma: good question. If in 30 seconds you feel you cannot crack the question then move ahead and leave the question. Don't be emotional about a question. 
mansi.mehta: how can i prepare for Quant. in XAT
Vineeta Sharma: Right now your prep should be over. Focus on the test day strategies. 
Jenil.gupta: hope i am in time for the chat !
Vineeta Sharma: Bang on
bhavna.rathod: Hello ma'am,

Please suggest possible essay topic for XAT 2017?
Vineeta Sharma: One of the current affairs topics is most likely. But not straight forward. They would mix it up so that you are needed to give your views on the topic. 

Jenil.gupta: just a couple of doubts
Vineeta Sharma:
Jenil.gupta: Can we expect the difficulty level to be same like the ITM sponsored testfunda XAT ?
Vineeta Sharma: Most likely. The difficulty level would be more or less like last year paper
pratikrathod: Mam, expected cutoff score? What was the last years cutoff? Can you please share the details?
Vineeta Sharma: Which B-School are you attempting to go to?
Jenil.gupta: bcos i have fared well in tat
Vineeta Sharma: Good Job. Be confident and attempt your paper with rationale. You need to choose your questions carefully. 
debdootb: Hello Ma'am, Good Afternoon. If we get an unknown topic for essay, how to approach it?
Vineeta Sharma: If its unknown then you are doomed. You need to be good reader and know all the current affairs going on around you. 
vicky.malhotra: how can i prepare for XAT Decision Making & Analytical Reasoning
Vineeta Sharma: Late to ask for preparations. You need to attempt your questions carefully and leave the questions you feel are more likely to be wrong. 
vaibhav.kapoor: Hi Mam,
I want to ask you that whether part 2 of xat that is general awareness are taken into account for determining xat percentiles?
Vineeta Sharma: Yes. Part 2 is general awareness. 25 questions in 25 mins. The best thing about this section is either you know the answers or you don't. It is an important part of the test and is accounted for. 
Jenil.gupta: hahahha vicky
Vineeta Sharma: ???
ruchi.shukla: Thank you ma'am,

I have one more question. please let me know the Important topics in quant section ?
Vineeta Sharma: I wish I knew. :) 

treat all the topics as important. 
Sabhishekh: Mam, can we expect few questions on demonitisation?
Vineeta Sharma: Offcourse. But the entire paper would not be on demonitisation. Hope you have prepared well. 
dolly.dolly: Hi, could you please help me with the topics likely to be asked for the essay section?
Vineeta Sharma: Any and everything in current affairs or some debateable topic. You need to put up your view about the topic. That would matter the most. 
ronak.sheth: i know this is funny question but Are Arun sharma authored books sufficient ?
Vineeta Sharma: No. Not really. But he is an amazing author. He had personally trained me for my CAT. 
vaibhav.kapoor: Mam, in quant section for XAT, what is the decent no. of attempts. In mock XAT and also in previous years I m finding quant on a little difficult side.
Vineeta Sharma: Quant is difficult. 85% attempts with 80% difficulty would be decent. 
Vineeta Sharma: This would be mainly date related questions. If you have not prepared till now for it then it is advisable to leave it. DO not waste your time on something you are not good at. 

dolly.dolly: Hi,

Any particular strategy that i can follow to solve the decision making questions?
Vineeta Sharma:
Attempt the questions that you are strong at, skip if you cannot understand the question in 30 to 45 seconds. Attempt if you feel giving one more minute can help you crack the test. 
dipti.lavania: which section would you prefer to solve first?
Vineeta Sharma: Whichever I am strong at. 
dipti.lavania: Hi Vineeta Ma'am,

what are some ways to prepare for GK section?
Vineeta Sharma: Read newspaper daily, watch one prime news, read magazines and editors views and takes on topics. 
tanya22: madam, ethical dilemma questions are relly problematic, what to do please suggest
Vineeta Sharma: Leave it because you are not prepared for it. Don't stress. There would be 72 questions. 
dolly.dolly: Hi,

How will the variation of cutoff from last year affect us?
Vineeta Sharma: It won't. This year is a new test and new cutoffs. 
arjun777: how can we reduce opting incorrect answers
Vineeta Sharma: Leave questions you are not confident with. For unattempted you loose only 0.05 but for wrong you loose 0.25
dolly.dolly: Hi,

For the questions on pronunciation of words, which site can be referred in these last few days?
Vineeta Sharma: Go to google and type in the words. You will get the right pronunciations. 
poonam.chauhan: Hi Maam. . hope u doing good... May I know the cut off for ITM by XAT?
Vineeta Sharma: ITM takes student on composite scores. Your 10th, 12th and grad scores, test scores and gd/pi scores are taken into account and not only the test scores. 
vaibhav.kapoor: Approximately how much time should be dedicated to each section in paper 1 in xat?
Vineeta Sharma: Depends. its approx 2 and a half mins for each question. 72 questions, 170 mins. 
tanya22: huh? 72 questions to leave?
Vineeta Sharma: Are you not prepared? why would you leave all 72???? I said you can leave some questions out of 72. 
mital.bhanushali: my CAT expectations were high but it was very bad! Hoping fir a good XAT paper this weekend . any tips to approach the paper ???
Vineeta Sharma: Keep your cool, don't stress, forget CAT and remember this test is not the end of your life. 
mital.bhanushali: my CAT expectations were high but it was very bad! Hoping fir a good XAT paper this weekend . any tips to approach the paper !
Vineeta Sharma: Keep your cool, don't stress, forget CAT and remember this test is not the end of your life. 
mital.bhanushali: Goood afternoon maam , Mital here!
Vineeta Sharma: Hi Mitali 
tanya22: can we expect any grammar or vocabulary questions in xat this year
Vineeta Sharma: Yes. Vocab is very important. 
debdootb: Maam, what score of XAT does ITM accept? And what is the placement scenario this year
Vineeta Sharma: ITM takes student on composite scores. Your 10th, 12th and grad scores, test scores and gd/pi scores are taken into account and not only the test scores. 

Placements are good. till now 70% students are placed with a highest of 14.5 lakhs and average of around 7 lakhs. 
sarjunayak: hi, whats the cmat cut off at ITM
Vineeta Sharma: ITM takes student on composite scores. Your 10th, 12th and grad scores, test scores and gd/pi scores are taken into account and not only the test scores. 
mansi.mehta: Hi Ma'am,

Is it necessary to give CAT before attempting XAT ? as I have heard that people who have given CAT have advantage.
Vineeta Sharma: Thats because the preparation for both the tests is similar. They get an experience and that is the advantage. It is not mandatory to take cat befor xat. 
mital.bhanushali: but this test is important for me . aready surrendered one year trying to get into a better college!
Vineeta Sharma: I am an alum. Very satisfied. Speak to some of the current students if you have a doubt. We have 5 months internships that helps you get a PPO and also corporate ready. Speak to vineet on 8080511223
arjun777: what might be the expected verbal cut off
Vineeta Sharma: Difficult to predict. Do your best. 
poonam.chauhan: Afternoon Madam,

Please suggest some topics to read for essay writing? for XAT 2017
Vineeta Sharma: Current affairs topics. That's most likely. 
tanya22: and how does itm compare with loyola amity chetanas met ibs asb
Vineeta Sharma: ITM is the best among all of them. Loyala can be considered better than ITM in the list you have given. All others are MBA under Maharashtra govt. and syllabus is old. Placements is a problem. IBS hyd gives you a degree of their own university and some of the government jobs will not accept you with this degree. You also cannot do phd with IBS degree. Other IBS campuses gives you a certificate in PG as they are neither a university nor AICTE approved. 
mital.bhanushali: anyways thanks for the motivation, will do my best to get good score
Vineeta Sharma: good luck 
arjun777: what is the best solution the when we got struck over two answers in DM
Vineeta Sharma: Try to figure out which would be the most likely and most accurate answer. 
sarjunayak: whats the last date to apply at itm ?
Vineeta Sharma: For scholarship round its 15th jan. Otherwise 31st March. Go for scholarship round. 
sarjunayak: can i aply post cmat results ???
Vineeta Sharma: you can but may not be eligible for scholarships. 
arjun777: what is the cutoff of ITM
Vineeta Sharma: ITM takes student on composite scores. Your 10th, 12th and grad scores, test scores and gd/pi scores are taken into account and not only the test scores. 
Sabhishekh: Hello,

please tell me the best way to approach DM section?
Vineeta Sharma: This section tests your managerial skills so take all the premises into account and try to make a decision based on rationale. Match it with one of the options. 
sarjunayak: can i aply post cmat results ???
Vineeta Sharma: yes but you may not be eligible for scholarships. 
tanya22: itm degree has more value that means
Vineeta Sharma: Yes, its AICTE, NAAC, AIU approved. 
arjun777: is there any time gap between the Paper 1 and paper 2 of XAT
Vineeta Sharma: 5 mins. 
gavravsharma: does executive mba have value??
Vineeta Sharma: not really. You should do it only if you want to add degree to your CV. or if you are doing it from one of the IIMs. 
gavravsharma: pls help on this
Vineeta Sharma: Done. 
kshetran: please tell some tricks for visual reasoning, its too time taking.
Vineeta Sharma: You need to practice a lot for these. 
arjun777: what is percentile of XAT that is required for get admission in ITM apart from the composite scores that required
Vineeta Sharma: we send call letters to students above 50 %ile. 
kshetran: gk percentiule is counted or not ?
Vineeta Sharma: they say its not but is accounted for. 
kshetran: how to prepare for GK ?
Vineeta Sharma: Read newspapers, one prime time news and editorial. 
Dhara.mittal: Hi Mam,
how to improve on the rc for xat?
Vineeta Sharma: Focus on the topic and get familiar with it. If its history then read 5 to 7 articles to get acquainted to the vocab. know the word meaning and think in English. 
gavravsharma: can i refer to pratiyogita darpan or competition success review ?
Vineeta Sharma: makes sense. Also read manorama year book. 
jigar.zaveri: Hi,

I find question on functions very tough. please suggest some tricks.
Vineeta Sharma: first you need to understand the topic. Once its done you can use the shortcuts. If you have not understood the topic you won't be able to understand the questions. 
gavravsharma: difficulty level for this years XAT ?? like 11, 12, 13 ?
Vineeta Sharma: 12th. but it tests your managerial skills through the test. Be prepared. 
poonam.chauhan: Hi Ma'am,

Should i practice mocks or past papers? as only few days left. and if mocks than how many?
Vineeta Sharma: You should attempt one mock. Analyse the paper and find out your weak area. Work on your weak area. 
gavravsharma: i have also heard that xat HAS DIFFERENTIAL nagative marking. what is it ?
Vineeta Sharma: It doesn't. there is minus .25 for wrong answers and -.05 for unattempted beyond 14 questions. 
Dhara.mittal: How many correct questions are needed in each section to pass sectional cutoffs?
Vineeta Sharma: There is nothing like passing or failing in competitive tests. You should be in the top 2%ile to go to XLRI. 
Anvitaa: mam what are the top 3 questions in quants that i need to focus ?
Vineeta Sharma: How would I know? I am not the XLRI examiner. Prepare for all the topics. all are important. 
virat.shah: Hi,

Sorry to join late.

I come to know there is negative marking for unattempted questions. How many question should i attempt?
Vineeta Sharma: you will not lose marks for 14 unattempted. Don't leave more than 18 questions. try to solve 80 to 85% of the paper
Anvitaa: IN RC, should i read passage first ro should i answer first ?
Vineeta Sharma: How can you answer without reading the RC? 
Anvitaa: can i refer to UPSC material for xat decision making?
Vineeta Sharma: Refer to XAT material. Its available in plenty and free of cost. 
Anuja.shukla: Hello ma'am,

Is probability is important for XAT 2017? i find it very difficult.
Vineeta Sharma: Yes, and its not a difficult topic if you practice it. You actually can master it in 3 days. work on it. 
Anvitaa: also what are expected topics for essay ?
Vineeta Sharma: Most likely current affairs. 
dolly.dolly: Hi,

How many words should be my essay length??
Vineeta Sharma: most probably 500
jthomas: i have 5 years work ex in IT company and avg academics . do i hav a chance ?
Vineeta Sharma: Mostly yes. Try to score well in XAT. 
gavravsharma: sometiem si find dm options to be unrealistic. what should i mark - ideal answer or what iw ould have actually done ?
Vineeta Sharma: I did not understand your question. 
mansi.mehta: Hello,

How many geometry questions come in the exam?
Vineeta Sharma: max 5
jthomas: which colleges shud i target based on my work ex ? please give a realistic answer based on my profile !!!!
Vineeta Sharma: what is your option list?
mital.bhanushali: Hi Ma'am

Where can i get the list of essay topics of last 10 years??
Vineeta Sharma: Donno. Search online. 
  • 2015: Listening is a dying art. We hardly listen to understand. We only listen to refute or reply.
  • 2014: The most beautiful thing can neither be seen nor be touched but can only be felt.
  • 2013: Corruption is the root cause of economic slowdown in India.
  • 2012: Government is not addressing the root cause of poverty 
    Government is not able to implement the policies properly due to the huge magnitude of poverty.
  • 2011: The statesman who would attempt to direct private people in what manner they ought to employ their capitals, would not only load himself with a most unnecessary attention, but assume an authority which could safely be trusted to no council and senate whatever, and which would nowhere be so dangerous as in the hands of a man who had folly and presumption enough to fancy himself fit to exercise it.
  • 2010: Earth provides enough to satisfy everybody's need but not everybody's greed.
jthomas: XLRI , SP JAIN, XIMB, GIM and i dunno whihc others are good
Vineeta Sharma: Remove GIM. Others are aspirational. You really need a good score in CAT and XAT. 98%ile plus would sail you through. 
jthomas: I hav also herd that XLRI prefers soem social work on my profile. shud I do some NGO related activity ???
Vineeta Sharma: Not necessarily. If you have a good profile and have done well in life, focussed and clear then a small NGO would not matter. 
mansi.mehta: Hi Ma'am,

How to improove my Vocab
Vineeta Sharma: Long list. Remember word meanings, read various topics, try to rewrite what you have read. 
gavravsharma: sometimes options given are not sensible in real life scenario !
Vineeta Sharma: Options are rational. Choose a closest answer. 
Yashvik: any last minute quick tips ???
Vineeta Sharma: Keep you cool. Answer what you know. Try to get into a b-school as per your prep and scores. do not waste years..
mital.bhanushali: Thank you ma'am for your guidance :)
Vineeta Sharma: welcome :)
Yashvik: sorry mam, one last question, how to manage time during exam ????
Vineeta Sharma: If in 30 secs you feel you can't crack the question leave it and move forwards. If you feel giving 30 secs more would help solve the question then give that 30 secs. :)
Vineeta Sharma: Thanks for chatting. I really enjoyed and felt happy helping you all. All of you are eligible for 25% waiver on application form fee. Please call Vineet on 8080511223 to get your coupon code. 

Thanks. :)
Vineeta Sharma: Thanks for chatting. I really enjoyed and felt happy helping you all. All of you are eligible for 25% waiver on application form fee. Please call Vineet on 8080511223 to get your coupon code. 

Thanks. :)
Yashvik: 30 secs is too lesss to read the question . right maam ??
Vineeta Sharma: After reading the question dude. :)
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