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sarika.t: hi
Nitin Gupta: hello

Malicious: hello sir
Nitin Gupta: HI

Dipika1995: hello
Nitin Gupta:
pratik.kothari: sir, i have just started on with mocks but i m getting marks in the range of 30-40 in all the exams..what should i do
kindly suggest to improve my score
Nitin Gupta: What is your percentile ??? 
Malicious: can you let us know how to strategise for sectional level passing?
Nitin Gupta: Start writing Sectional test. Think each mock as three different test. the way you used to write exams during school days. It will help to reduce the pressure during the exam.
Malicious: I have started giving test of TIME i.e. AIMCAT but somehow i am not able to score above 40 50 percentile.
Help me to get through the it since i havve been giving CAT for 2 years
Nitin Gupta: 40-50%ile is bad. Did u identified your weaknesses .
bedima: Hi Nitin - Kindly advise some good book for Verbal, apart from course content.
Nitin Gupta: What kind of book u are looking for - To clear you Basic or of advance level ?
bedima: Hi Nitin - Kindly advise some good book for Verbal, apart from course content provided by Test Funda.
Nitin Gupta: Which Topic in verbal particularly ?
Dipika1995: plz recommend books nd tricks to improve verbal reasoning section.
Nitin Gupta: Verbal Reasoning -Consist of different topics - CR, PJ, Odd Para, PC, PS etc. It's difficult to get a particular book which explain the basics. These topics need a lot of Practice. As far as the theory is concerned - you can find it anywhere. Try to solve more and more questions on these topics.
pratik.kothari: sir its very low. please guide me. specially with quant section
Nitin Gupta: It's very important to identify your weaknesses in every section - Did u know your weaknesses - For example  - in Which are of Quant u are facing the problem. ??
Malicious: taken sir. Noted.
So what should be my focus area to crack CAT since i am looking forward to get into IIM Bangalore or Kolkatta
Nitin Gupta: This is the time wherein you can work on your weaker areas . So the first Step should be identifying your weaknesses across all the topics. Then the 2nd step is to make a proper plan to make it strong. so in the month of july - devote more time in your weaker section. there is no dearth of material. 
bedima: RC
Nitin Gupta: For RC -  First do all the 104 Passages which has appeared in CAT from 1990 - 2008. After that move to RC 99 by aristotle. Let's do this first and then u can get back to me after completing this.
Dipika1995: sir is der separate exam for Faculty of management studies (FMS)???? or dey will accept cat score ?? and what will be d cut off for FMS
Nitin Gupta: FMS take the score of CAT. Cutoff is usually 98 +%ile. CHK HERE -
bedima: advance level
Nitin Gupta: FMS take the score of CAT. Cutoff is usually 98 +%ile. CHK HERE -
rajkumar.d: Hello Nitin Sir, are there any changes expected in CAT exam pattern or new topics compared to last year?
Nitin Gupta: usually it has been observed that IIM'S stick to their pattern for atlas 2 years. Since it has changed last year -- so there is a little chance 
pinguroshan: How can I crack CAT with self study and score more than 99 percentile?

I have started preparing for cat since last 2 months. And as i am working professional, I am able to give only 2-3 hours a day for self study.. Kindly guide me with my strategy to achieve my target of 99 percentile
Nitin Gupta: If you are doing a self study. then first of all make a list of all the important topics across all the three section. for example the there most important topic in Quant is Alg, Geo & Arith. You can find 25-30 questions from these topics only. In verbal Last year 24 RC, 7 PJ and 3 PS. So try to work on these areas.
ramolapatel: is arun sharma alone for all 4 topics is good to get high percentile in cat??
Nitin Gupta: Frankly Speaking - i have not seen the Content of that book . So i can't judge anything about this book.
bedima: Presently I am only able to manage 1 set in DI during exam, which is not sufficient.

Kindly suggest how can I improve
Nitin Gupta: LRDI NEEDS A LOT OF PRACTICE. So solve more and more question to make it one of ur stronger section
hanuman1: Hi sir..How can I boost my grammatical's the part that I haven't paid much focus yet, and I want to strengthen it now..
Nitin Gupta: Search Aristotle Sentence correction PDf. Start with this book.
Anvitaa: Hello Sir, Please let me know how to practice each of quant,lr,di and verbal, as in how should the strategy of practice be because i tend to
forget the concepts after 1-2 many questions do i need to solve in each to get a good grasp?
Nitin Gupta: First of all u should make a habit of making a flash card. Write down all the important points and formulas. and keep looking at it everyday.
Anvitaa: Ok sir and in delhi which all colleges are preferred?? any suggestions
Nitin Gupta: FMS, IIFT, IMI, MDI, IMT
shahamisha: Sir, I have improved on the calculation part however i am slow in analyzing the QA problem which ultimately decreases my QA speed, how should i overcome this issue?
mthakkar: I am a working professional and don't get time to study. I haven't joined any coaching too. How do i schedule work and study together?
Nitin Gupta: Firstly one should be clear about his goal - What he actually want in his Life?  After that All one need is a proper planning.  If someone is working 9 hrs a day & if i add 3 to 4 hrs of travelling and 7 to 8 hrs of sleep. then also you have got 3 hrs daily. During the weekend spend around 16-24 hrs ( sat & sun). So one can easily spend 32 hrs a week for CAT which means 140 hrs a month . 
sunakshipahari: Also,some material to practise questions on games and tournament for LR di.
Nitin Gupta: solve past yr mocks
Nitin Gupta: Thanks for the participation!
Views : 1868
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