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rijunayek: how much time we should devote for prepararation of CAT daily basis ?
Patrick D'souza: Time required varies from person to person. Could be around 2 to 6 hours daily depending on where you are with respect to your preparation. If you are starting right now, you may require atleast 3 to 4 hours daily preparation to crack CAT.
rijunayek: which sections are most important ??
Patrick D'souza: There are sectional cutoffs. So all sections are important. Focus on your weak areas and try to improve on the same. As per last 2 years paper there were 34 qs in Quant, 34 qs in Verbal, 16 qs in DI and 16 qs in LR.
aseemchawla3: sir, i hv started on with mocks but i m just getting marks in therange of 30-40 in all the exams..w aht shld i do
Patrick D'souza: What is important is to analyse your mocks thoroughly and identify the areas where you can score. For Verbal the key areas to improve is RC which can be improved by reading. DI - calculations. LR need tobe systematic. Quant practice and methods. Another reason for low scores is usually stress. Try to see if you can solve the sums after the test. If you can, then you are getting stressed during the test. Just relax and see the difference.

rijunayek: how to improve vocabs ????
Patrick D'souza:
Vocab is not important in CAT. Unless you are from vernacular medium, dont focus on vocab. Instead spend more time on reading. Your vocab will automatically improve. Can refer to the book Word power made easy by Norman Lewis
aseemchawla3: now i feel that exam is above my level though i hve placed the target of just 90 %ile but still it seems difficult.. i dont hv any other option than mba.. what shld i do
Patrick D'souza: I had a student who used to get around 40%ile in the 5th and 6th CAT mock he gave. He went on to score a 95+%ile and got admission into quite a few new IIMs. He is currently studying in SIBM Pune. So dont give up. Focus and prepare.
ramya.srinivasan: hello sir.. i am planning for CAT this year and i have a work ex of 2 years.. i see many options one is the full time mBA of Two years and the other is executive MBA but i have heard about external MBA can you please tell me is it different MBA and which exam i need to give for that.
Patrick D'souza: From what I know, 2 year full time MBA has more value than executive MBA. But if you have 4+ years work ex then it makes sense to look at exec mba seriously. Since you have only 2 years experience, can look at 2 years full time MBA.
chirag.arora001: Is the sufficient time available as per your suggestion/experience to get the score of 99.9X% within 3months for a working professional provided his academics Xth -84%, XIIth -86,B.Tech -67%(AIEEE AIR-19257) or chances of getting the calls with the score of 99.9X%.
Weak areas - verbal + DI
Strong - logical + quant.
Patrick D'souza: Can give a try. A student last year got a 100%ile with 3 months of preparation with verbal as weak area. But he I believe was stdying and would have more time than a working professional. But give your best shot, maybe next year I will give your example of a working professional scoring 100%ile with just 3 or 4 months of prep
blesson1990: Sir..are any changes to CAT pattern expected this year
Patrick D'souza: Dont try to predict the paper pattern. The preparation will be almost similar no matter what the pattern is. Anyways CAT notification is expected soon, and we may come to know the broad changes if there are any. 
From my past experience, those who are try to predict the difficulty of the paper and too much bothered about pattern, do not perform well in the exam due to anxiety if the pattern in the actual exam is not what the student expected.
aseemchawla3: are there any pre requisites for 90%ile or more. i mean any sharp brain or good vocab or bla bla. sir, its been 10+ months since i started on with the prep and still the result is there in front of u as i told just 40 marks in mock cats...since u r experienced do u think that i will be able to manage i these last 3 months.. i feel everyone except me in this world is intelligent
Patrick D'souza: I had a student who had scored just around 40%ile in one of the XATs, but managed to score around 99%ile in XAT exam later and make it to XLRI. Just give your best shot. Mock scores are not a good indicator of your potential. Stop getting bothered about it. Mocks should only be used to identify your weak and strong areas and prepare accordingly.
aseemchawla3: sir even i hve been in a habit of reading since last 2 years but still my rc accuracy is very poor. hardly 4-5 questions out of 24 get correct.. reading is all what i do but i loose focus and i have weak memory too
Patrick D'souza: Can try How to read better and Faster by Norman Lewis.
When you read, dont read for CAT, but for understanding what you are reading.
blesson1990: Is NMAT preparation sufficient for CAT
Patrick D'souza: No. The two exams are quite different.
Questions in CAT are usually logical type where you need to think and can hardly use any formula.
Questions in NMAT are more direct and can use formulae or equations for almost every sum. The level of difficulty is also easy in NMAT.
The type of questions is also to some extent different.
Malicious: Hello Sir,
What can be the expected changes in the exam pattern ?
Patrick D'souza: Lets not predict the paper. Prepare as if the paper pattern will be same as last year. You will have enough time to adapt to the changes, if there are any.
chirag.arora001: Sir,continuing my previous question and thanks for your motivation on this, I scored 83% in cat 2015 without any preparation then waht are the chances of getting the desired score.Although, I am asking some weird questions but yes I want to check the possibilities else I would plan for exec MBA.
Patrick D'souza: I had a student who scored a 80%ile in CAT14 and then managed to score a 99.49%ile in CAT15. Yo are better placed than that. Work hard and you will be able to score well. Important point here is to be open to learning always. Try to learn something new and different as compared to what you did in CAT15.
Malicious: Ok sir.
How to improve on the quants sectional to attempt max Q's.
Patrick D'souza: The mistake students do when they practice quant is their over reliance on equations and formulae. This also makes them slow because CAT does not check your rote memory.
Try using options or any other techniques to solve the sums. For each sum that you solve try to find multiple ways of solving it. This will help to build in flexibility of approach.
So when you get a sum in the exam you can then try different approaches and see which works.
abhinavdutt: Hi, sir. I have a two part question.
A) how would you advise a student to ace the DI/LR section. Books vs. Previous years' CAT questions + DI sectionals.

B) What should one look to score across all the three sections for a close to 100 percentile score. If you could give us a section wise breakup, that'd be really helpful.
Patrick D'souza: A. To ace DI/LR one should practice regularly. For DI - approximation helps. For LR, being systematic in representation of data is the key. Look at past CAT questions and questions that come in the various mock papers.

B. Score in each section varies based on the difficulty level of each section. Last year DILR section was quite tough, so a lower score could easily fetch you a high percentile. Overall a score of 250 last year would have fetched you 100%ile. But that will vary every year based on the difficulty level of the exam. Last year 75 in DILR, 90 in Verbal 85 in Quant was a good score to get 100
aseemchawla3: sir, in books i m able to crack di/lr section but in mocks i m never able to do thatand also i take 18 mins for one set which removes other questns out of my hands .. days are not at all gng good . sometimes i get 8-9 marks in quants or in di or verbal ... it snot all the three section getting equal scores.. plz suggest me a schedule for getting 90%ile in this year s cat
Patrick D'souza: The key in mocks is to identify which questions to leave and which to solve. You canont get stuck to a particular question for long. It is important that if you find a question difficult or too time consuming, you need to skip it. Also it is important that we go through all the questions in the exam so that we do not lose out the sitters. Every CAT paper will have a few sitters and few tough questions. Focus on identifying and solving the sitters. Solving and analysis of mocks is the key.
aseemchawla3: plz suggest me a schedule for getting 90%ile in this year s cat.. this is very important for me . say i have 8 hours available for me in a day or 4 hrs in other cases .. what shld i do .. shld i revise my concepts or shld i solve di/lr sets . dont know anything to move ahead
Patrick D'souza: Spend more time on your weak areas. Eg if I m weak in Quant and I have 5 hours a day - my daily schedule will be as follows:
1 hour reading
0.5 hours of Verbal practice
2 hrs maths
1.5 hrs DI/LR
On other day you may solve mocks and analyse and identify your weaknesses.
rijunayek: sir, i have no experience about CAT exam. just now i have ordered materials from Can u plz suggest me strategies should i follow and any other books ?
Patrick D'souza: Suggestion would be to solve 1 mock to understand the pattern. This will also let you know your strong and weak areas. You can then plan your preparation such that you focus on your weak areas. Since you are starting now, try to complete your syllabus by mid September. This will require to solve 1 chapter per day. dont try to master the topics right now. Just ensure that you have understood the fundamentals.
Patrick D'souza: Thanks for the participation!
Views : 1819
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