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Ritika_Singh: Hi Chirag, just wanted to know, u mst have done few mocks before exams from where u got the mocks can u plz share?
Chirag Aggarwal: Hi Ritika. I had taken mocks from various sources including Testfunda. I had given around 40 - 50 mocks which I believe helped me develop the skills required to crack the exam
jainanurag.21: please tell us some tricks for visual reasoning, its too time taking.
Chirag Aggarwal: Try this
1) look the options and see which symbol has the most different orientation/position
2) go back to the question and solve for that symbol
3) If it is an easy question, you will have already got the answer
4) If not, then eliminate the options you can and repeat the entire process

In my exam, Visual reasoning questions were scanned images of some book. I could'nt even tell the difference between a square and a spade for example. So I had panicked a little. I am telling you this to let you know that such things can happen and it is important that you dont let it phase you!
vaibhav.shah222: Hi, this might sound stupid how many question you able to complete on test day. Because I have issue with my speed not able to go able to go above 170 even though knowing the answers.
Chirag Aggarwal: I was able to answer 180 questions genuinely within the time limit
SagarDewang: Hello, What should be the strategy, considering change in CET pattern this year?
Chirag Aggarwal: Since I had prepared each and every section well, I had no inclination towards solving a particular set of questions first. I attempted the paper in first to last order. 

A student I coached used to hate RCs. We made him solve RCs in the end and it helped him focus better on the remaining type of questions

There is no new strategy for this CET. Try to attempt as much as you can. If you are weak in some sections, solve them in the end.
Arijit_16: hi Chirag.RCs are direct or inference based?
Chirag Aggarwal: Direct. You might get one or two inference based questions but the probability is low
Arijit_16: so shall i solve RC or visual reasoning?VR takes up time
Chirag Aggarwal: Trust me when I say CET RCs are super easy. Everyone should attempt them. For VR, use the strategy I mentioned
janhavibhalja: What did you exactly do a day before the actual exam? Like went through papers or just revised the concepts?
Chirag Aggarwal: A day before the exam, I tried to relax and get as much sleep as possible.
Ritika_Singh: and how muchuused to score in mocks,in what range?
Chirag Aggarwal: 140 - 170
nams29: can you suggest some link/books for previous year papers. I know doe does not publish them, but some approximate questions
Chirag Aggarwal: I do not have a link right now. Please send me a mail regarding this and I will try to get back to you with them by tonight
ankita2020: hy chirag, at this point of time that is just before 2 days of the exam what should i do?
Chirag Aggarwal: Try to give one mock at least. Try to make the environment realistic.

For example, if you are in the morning slot on the 12th, then give a mock tomorrow morning at the same time.

With less time remaining, you should relax, be optimistic and get good sleep
nams29: hey Chirag, can please provide me your email id.
Chirag Aggarwal:
desilva: hello sir, I am scoring around 125-130 in each and every mock.can u please suggest me how can i increase my scores upto 160
Chirag Aggarwal: Hey you are performing well. A detailed analysis of your previous mocks would help to find the answer to your question. Try to analyze your last 5 mocks and try to think what you could have done differently to score more in them
AkshayDangat: Hi Chiraj,can you please suggest some shortcuts or tricks which can be applied in exam especially for quant section ?
Chirag Aggarwal: A general trick or shortcut is to solve using options. For specific quant questions, you will get good shortcuts in the mock solutions 
Arijit_16: plz Chirag,can you tell about the score reqd for OMS to get into JB or Simsree?i am scoring 140s in mocks
Chirag Aggarwal: Check the CET 2014 cutoffs to get an idea. No point seeing CET 2015 cutoff because the process was different for JBIMS
ankita2020: hy chirag should i analyse my mocks two day before the actual exam
Chirag Aggarwal: Yes you can. It is a good thing because once you analyze the mock, you avoid repeating the same mistakes. 

desilva: sir i am not able to solve abstract reasoning questions quickly. bcz of this section i am not able attempt 200 questions can u please tell me how should i manage those 2.5 hrs so that i can attempt all the questions
Chirag Aggarwal: Solve them in the end. Focus on increasing your accuracy in the other areas
ronakssharma: Hi Chirag.. Scores are ranging from 80 to 120. Going wrong in Logical mostly. not able to optimize score since a week. practicing whole day still no improvement in scores
Chirag Aggarwal: are there any specific logical questions like input output in which you take a lot of time? If so, then solve them in the end and focus on improving accuracy in other areas
shivangid: did you manage to attempt all the RC's??
Chirag Aggarwal: Yes. Since CET RCs have direct questions, they are easy and should not be missed. 
desilva: sir as RC's are easy in CET , answering by reading the questions frst is helpful or not?
Chirag Aggarwal: It is very helpful and you should definitely do that.
aakankshap: Hi Chirag, what is the difficulty level of questions which involve Word power, like synonyms, antonyms or analogies?
Chirag Aggarwal: Hi. The vocab based questions are very easy. You should have no trouble solving them
ronakssharma: Am messing up mostly in arrangements and analogies, series. and verbal reasoning. I know these are my weak areas. practicing since two weeks. i can solve them but in mocks things go wrong. really nervous as logic is the bigger chunk
Chirag Aggarwal: I understand you being nervous because logic is indeed the bigger chunk. With less time remaining,focus on things you can control which is getting good sleep and having good energy levels on the exam day
Rinckxy: Hey Chirag, What should be the time allotment distribution for each section in the new pattern of CET ? What would u suggest ?
Chirag Aggarwal: 30 verbal
40 quant
80 logical
aakankshap: What is the difficulty level of number series questions? Because i am not able to understand the logic in number series if it is bit complex.
Chirag Aggarwal: easy to moderate. Sometimes they might throw in a difficult one in between. Try to keep a check on the time and do not get engrossed in solving such questions
ami23: i am having difficulties in verbal reasoning questions which comes in logic part?
Chirag Aggarwal: Hi,
With less time remaining for the exam, it is important to be relaxed as much as possible. Try to be optimistic and get good sleep. Worrying about some section you are weak at is the worst thing you can do right now
Ritika_Singh: 80 mins fr logical means 100ques including visual , is it possible?
Chirag Aggarwal: Yes it is possible.
nami911: hii Chirag.. can you tell me the exam strategy to be applied.. which questions to solve first.. whether to go sectionwise or difficulty level wise??
Chirag Aggarwal: If you are weak in some sections or think that some sections are difficult, solve them in the end.
ami23: acuracy in visual resoning is about 90% but its take me around 30 mins to complete the whole section?
Chirag Aggarwal: Try the strategy I mentioned. Some people I have coached have had a huge improvement in the VR section by using it
SushantBhikule: Hi chirag, I find DI questions a bit time consuming. What should be the strategy to solve them?
Chirag Aggarwal: Do not try to find the exact number. Approximate!

Ritika_Singh: plz guide for VR section, any tricks for it?
Chirag Aggarwal:
I mentioned it earlier. 
Chirag Aggarwal: Thank you all for this interaction. Best of luck for the exam! :) :)
Views : 2516
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