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sarika.t: hi
Vineeta Sharma: hi
Malicious: Hello Ma'am,
Vineeta Sharma: hi
srivashist.shekhar: Hello Ma'am
Vineeta Sharma: Hi Sri
srivashist.shekhar: want to know if regular MBA or part time MBA is the better option ?
Vineeta Sharma: Depends upon your profile. If you are a working professional and cannot take a sabbatical then part time is a better option but it does not have required weightage. If you are a fresh grad. then full time MBA/ PGDM makes better sense. 
Malicious: Good Evening.
Looking forward to today's chat topic, can u drop in with your expert views on which sector gets best ROI according to growing Indian economy
Vineeta Sharma: Actually E-commerce, retail, online retail etc. are one of the most upcoming sectors. Companies these days are looking for specialists therefore if you have your goals clear then you can choose one of the specialised courses
srivashist.shekhar: have heard from frens that part time is better. less time and economical than a 2 year one. and which stream is better ? confused between marketing and HR ?
Vineeta Sharma: I have already answered between part time and full time. As far as specialisation is concerned you should choose it according to your interest and not what pays better. Look at your personality, your interest and your career plan before choosing a specialisation. HR will pay you less as compared to Marketing as there are fewer jobs in comparison. 
Shoaibhvastad: Good evening mam.. have some doubts
Vineeta Sharma: Please ask

Malicious: But according to some recent studies we have known that the online or e comm industries are burning pockets rather than earning pockets. Is this a strategy or a business model they are working on ?
Vineeta Sharma:
It is a well proven model in foreign countries like US and UK. Getting very popular in our country. it may take a bit of time but the future lies here. Have you not seen the success of Myntra, Flipkart, Zivame, Amazon? The highest package at our campus this year was from Amazon. 
srivashist.shekhar: r there MMS seats ???
Vineeta Sharma: No. We don't of MMS but if budget is your concern then we provide PGDM at 4.95 lakhs at our Dombivali and Warangal Campus. 
srivashist.shekhar: who are the top recruiters for HR at ITM ?
Vineeta Sharma: @home, Saint gobain, Citibank Dubai, Shoppers Stop, Flipkart, TCS, L&T infotech, Jindal steel and power to name a few
Shoaibhvastad: I am interested in Finance. how are the placements .
Vineeta Sharma: We have professors like Dr. Gitanjali Pinto (IIT), Sanjay Sinha, Prof. Sharad Jha (UK) and therefore the education quality is unmatched. The highest this year is 12 Lakhs and 6.5 is the avg. 
Shoaibhvastad: and wat is the ROI
Vineeta Sharma: Your ROI depends on your performance. Its different for every student according to their package.
srivashist.shekhar: wow, these are some of the top players in the sector
Vineeta Sharma: Yes. And we are proud to have them in our recruiter's list. 
srivashist.shekhar: Wats thE batch strength for HR
Vineeta Sharma: 60
competitoroverrun: Mam whats the process of enrolment?? Is there any exam of ITM or CAT and CET scores are accepted?
Vineeta Sharma: CAT, XAT, MAT, ATMA, CMAT and state CET scores are accepted. You can fill your form before 31st March on and appear for the admissions process that contains GD, PI and WAT. 
reena.kothari: Hi Ma'am,

the average salary in campus placements offered to students in many B-schools is half of the course it worth to pursue MBA when you get such a low ROI?
Vineeta Sharma: your career does not depend on your FIRST salary. On a lighter note, you won't be paying to the college after every appraisal or salary hike when you change a job, Right? 
Shoaibhvastad: thanks mam. which is the main campus or r all campuses same level ?
Vineeta Sharma: All our campuses has the same quality but as far as rankings is concerned, Navi Mumbai tops the list by securing 33rd rank in Times B-School Survey by Times of India
srivashist.shekhar: whats teh score expected in mh-cet to get into itm ?
Vineeta Sharma: At ITM we do not have cut offs so you can apply to us. Our admissions depends on composite scores taking into account your 10th, 12th and graduation scores, test scores and performance in GDPI
srivashist.shekhar: n whats the selection procedure
Vineeta Sharma: Very simple. Fill our form, attend the GDPI process at your nearest center and perform well !!! 

Actually we conduct a GD, WAT and PI for every student. You are given your result on the same day and you have to reserve your seat on that very day so you need to bring a DD of 25K on the name of Institute for Technology and Management payable at Mumbai
Malicious: Ma''am does ITM have 2 sems a year or tri sems a year ?
Vineeta Sharma: Semester system. 2 sems in an year
srivashist.shekhar: I heard u have a unique program where internship is 6 months. what is it
Vineeta Sharma: Yes we have a unique programme. Its called iConnect. We have 5 months internship where students are trained on-the-job so that we can give industry ready employable students to our recruiters. close to 20% of our students also gets PPO.
Shoaibhvastad: good to hear that. targeting top 10 in next few years maybe :)
Vineeta Sharma: which year of graduation you are into?
srivashist.shekhar: 20% is big number compared to other b-schools in Mumbai.
Vineeta Sharma: yes. Not all students accept it as they get better packages and more options with our final recruiters. 
Shoaibhvastad: final year bcom
Vineeta Sharma: good luck.
srivashist.shekhar: very nice.
Vineeta Sharma: thanks :)

Shoaibhvastad: thank u ma'am. m confused whether to work or do an MBA. any suggestion ?
Vineeta Sharma: If you want to go for an MBA then you should go for it but in case you want to go for a job then maybe you can work for 3-4 years and look for a foreign university. You can also go for your Indian MBA right now, work for a few years and go for a second MBA from one of the top 25 institutes of the world. 
walkjab: hello
Vineeta Sharma: hi
Shoaibhvastad: thank u for the valuable feedback
Vineeta Sharma:
walkjab: just a few questions. just in time for the chat
Vineeta Sharma: please ask

walkjab: keen on operations. i work in an engineering firm. want to know the ROI at itm for operations
Vineeta Sharma:
Operations is one of the specialisations that is very much in demand for engineers. The highest was 9 lakhs and avg around 6 lakhs. ROI can be recovered in 3 years because your income increases year on year but investment is the same.
walkjab: should i go for ops or switch to marketing as it has many jobs???
Vineeta Sharma: Don't go for a specialisation for the availability of jobs. Go for something you are interested in. 
walkjab: thats what i am planning to.
Vineeta Sharma: gr8
Vineeta Sharma: Thankyou guys for this chat session. It was nice talking to all of you. You would be getting a 50% waiver on your application fee. Pleasse write a mail to and claim your promo code. Thanks !!!
Vineeta Sharma: Thankyou guys for this chat session. It was nice talking to all of you. You would be getting a 50% waiver on your application fee. Pleasse write a mail to and claim your promo code. Thanks !!!
headeddesparing: we have to select stream during selection day right ?
Vineeta Sharma: Yes. 
walkjab: some companies visiting campus? and r there industrial tours ?
Vineeta Sharma: We have more than 450 companies visiting our campus and we do have industrial tours in our course. 
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