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noddy.praful: Hi Ma'am,

Good evening!!

Is there any harm in doing BBA through distant learning in order to pursue MBA later?
Vineeta Sharma:
Yes. Welcome
genetic: Hi Madam, r u there?
Vineeta Sharma: Am there. Pls shoot your questions. 
genetic: is the chat started ??
Vineeta Sharma: yes
dingdongbell: Hello Maam
Vineeta Sharma: hi
dingdongbell: Good evening !!1
Vineeta Sharma: hi
monish.despande: Mam,
whats the difference between full time MBA in Marketing and IB. Because my understanding is IB subject covers in MArketing.
Vineeta Sharma: IB is PGDM in international business. IT includes an overall perspective of International Business where you study International laws, EXIM, Foreign Language and 3 months abroad in Europe. This course includes marketing, finance, international laws, HR and even operations. 

dingdongbell: wat exactly is IB ?
Vineeta Sharma:
Answered your question in Monish's reply. Please go through it. If you have any further queries please feel free. 
noddy.praful: Hi ma'am

Awaiting for answer
Vineeta Sharma: There is no harm if the university is recognised by UGC and if you are dedicated towards your studies and get good grades. 
genetic: madam, should i go for mba this year or wait ?
Vineeta Sharma: Depends on your aspiration. What are your percentiles? and which colleges are you aspiring for? 
ViniM: Mam,

Which MBA is more preferred by corporates? Marketing or IB???
Vineeta Sharma: The companies that functions oversees prefer IB students as they are sent for projects. Depends on what is your interest area. 
genetic: my scores hav been bad
Vineeta Sharma: Pls share your scores. 
dingdongbell: international business is different from general pgdm in wat ways ?
Vineeta Sharma: In general PGDM at ITM your 3 months are common and then you have a choice between Marketing, finance, SCM and IT but as far as IB is concerned the specialisation starts from day 1. 
genetic: CMAT 130
Vineeta Sharma: You may apply to us. there is a fair chance if you do well in your GD PI. 
sonalipadukone: Hi Vineeta Ma'am,

Can I get government job opportunity after MBA in finance?
Vineeta Sharma: ITM works on composite scores. we take into account your 10th, 12th and graduation scores, your test scores and GDPI performance. Based on the composite score you are allotted a campus and a  specialisation. 
shahamisha: Mam, It is been said that corporates prefer PG batch students more over MMS students. Is it true??
Vineeta Sharma: yes it is true as the syllabus is very modern and cater to today's corporate need. 
genetic: WAT is cut off at ITM ???
Vineeta Sharma: ITM works on composite scores. we take into account your 10th, 12th and graduation scores, your test scores and GDPI performance. Based on the composite score you are allotted a campus and a  specialisation. 
kritikad: I am a Computer Science graduate. Which MBA should I opt for?
Vineeta Sharma: IT. You would be able to use your graduation knowledge and get into stratagising and management once you complete your PGDM. 
Vineeta Sharma: No we don't. we are not a test prep company. we are a B-School. 
Malicious: What is the scope for international business in current market or what are the opportunities if someone opts for IB....or how open are the corporate in INDIA for international business
Vineeta Sharma: 85 to 90% placements are in India with travel abroad so IB students are welcomed by open arms. :)
genetic: fine maam
wats the last date to apply ???
Vineeta Sharma: 30th April. 
dingdongbell: ROI is bettwer on which stream ??
Vineeta Sharma:  ROI would be great with any stream if you perform well in your studies as well as your job. 
Malicious: what profile or role one could get if he/she opts for international business in corporate????
Vineeta Sharma: there are various profiles. You may get into marketing or even finance in an organisation that business internationally. 
kritikad: Which is more preferred IB or IT?
Vineeta Sharma: totally your preference. Study what you are interested in and NOT what is logically right. 
KillerN: Does IB help me get international placement ??
Vineeta Sharma: Yes, IB has international placements. Even marketing and finance has. 
william169: Hi,

I have done my bachelors in electrical and electronics engineering field. but i have to choose another subject in MBA. Some peoples suggest me to do international business or finance. What are these subject scope?
Vineeta Sharma: If you are an Engineer then you may go for SCM or marketing. Please study what you would like to. Retrospect and get your answer. You may go for general PGDM and choose your specialisation after 3 months understanding each subject. 
hanuman1: I am an engineer. I want to pursue mba but not sure in which field.. Kindly suggest what should i do?
Vineeta Sharma: Take general PGDM to start with and decide in the common 3 months. 
KillerN: this is more confusing now. I m planning for IB but now marketing also i m interested
Vineeta Sharma: Where do you see yourself in 10 years would answer what you should be doing now !
Malicious: Is ITM a good business school??? if yes, then why??
Vineeta Sharma: ITM is a 25 years old B-Schools and we have created 100s of CFOs, CEOs, VPs and MDs. Infact close to 15000 students owe their awesome career to ITM. Our Alums have done very well in their career. We are ranked 33rd by Times B-School survey and 29th by career 360. Our placements are unmatchable in our category of B-Schools and we have IITians teaching our students at our campus. 
adi2kool: Hello maam,

What is the difference between BBA & integrated BBA plus MBA?
Vineeta Sharma: You save one year. But do it from a well known and recognised institute. 
memba: I m engineer in Production field. Shoudl i opt for mktg or ops ?
Vineeta Sharma: Ops should be a better choice but again the choice should be as per your interest. Every specialisation would land up a job but specialisation of your choice would give you the career boost. 
memba: how is placement in ops at itm?
Vineeta Sharma: Highest is close to 9 and avg. is 5.8
preeya: Hello ma'am
Vineeta Sharma: hi
Malicious: what is the minimum median and highest package till now in ITM???
Vineeta Sharma: We don't entertain companies below 4.5 until it is an MNC like goldman sacs or delloite. Avg. is 6.8 and highest this year is 14 lakhs. 
KillerN: nobody knows wat will happen in 1 year. the environment is mercurial
Vineeta Sharma: Its so good to explore the  uncertain. Jokes apart, you would be given a full schedule for 2 years so don't worry, you won't be in dark. 
preeya: I have done bcom. which mba should i go for finance or marketing??
Vineeta Sharma: you may opt for either depending on your interest. 
Megha.V: Hello,

I am planning to do MBA with specialization in Rural management. What is the scope of this subject? and does ITM offers specialization in this ?
Vineeta Sharma: ITM does not offer rural management. If you want to go for this specialisation then IRMA should be your choice. 
KillerN: hahaha!
Vineeta Sharma: :)
Malicious: Is Chetana's a better option than ITM???? confused, please need your advice!!
Vineeta Sharma: No. We are better ranked than chetana any day and our placements and acads are also much more modern and apt as ITM is an autonomous institute. 
memba: its better than i expected.
Vineeta Sharma: ???
Malicious: what is the admission fee for ITM? and what all value additions could one get to experience in ITM?
Vineeta Sharma: THis would be a very long answer if I go on replying. Fee ranges from 4.95 for Dombivali and Wrangal campus to 9 lakhs for Kharghar campus. You have lots of events, projects, 5 months internship, good faculties and positive enviornment to be precise. Please visit for further details. 
KillerN: also internship concept is bit different at ITM right ?
Vineeta Sharma: yes we have 5 months internship which makes you industry ready as it is considered as work ex. by the recruiters.
Megha.V: ma'am any specific reason for suggesting IRMA? like good package or faculty ?
Vineeta Sharma: It is one of the top 35 institute in India and the top most for rural management. 
jthomas: Hows is HR at ITM ??
Vineeta Sharma: Good. We have close to 95% placements. 
Malicious: okay thank you ma'am for answering all my questions, see you soon in ITM!!
Vineeta Sharma: gr8 ! See you at the  campus !! 
jthomas: AVG package ?
Vineeta Sharma: 5.3
jthomas: great!
Vineeta Sharma: :)
Malicious: Ma'am one last question can you mention regular recruiters in ITM?
Vineeta Sharma:
Many. J P Morgan
Hindustan Unilever
LG Electronics
TNS Global
JP Morgan
Standard Chartered Bank
Citi Bank

Hiteshkk: Hi,

Which is the best ITM campus?
Vineeta Sharma: As per the  rankings Kharghar is the best but we have the same curriculum running at each of our campuses and placements are also good at other campuses. 

Anvitaa: which companies visited ITM this year for ops ?
Vineeta Sharma: Many logistics and production companies like HR Johnsons, JK cements, DTDC etc. 
Yashvik: Hi maam,

What is the avg strength of the batch ?? and does ITM have MMS if yes than placement for PGDM & MMS happens together ?
Vineeta Sharma: Avg. Batch is 60 and there would be 10 to 11 such batches. there is no MMS at ITM. 
Anvitaa: do u hav hostel service since i m outsider!
Vineeta Sharma: yes we have hostel with a limited capacity. 
Vineeta Sharma: Thanks for chatting up with me ! it was a pleasure. All the students, who would like to apply for ITM can write to and take a coupon code for 50% waiver on application form. Thanks again. 
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