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With 2.5 weeks to Maharashtra CET, get tips and tricks from JBIMS alumnus & MBA expert Patrick D'souza on how to plan your preparation in this crucial period and get into JBIMS.


blesson1990: What should be the strategy now that CET has different sections?
Patrick D'souza: The strategy remains the same. Focus on solving your strong sections - where you get more marks per minute and leave out the weak areas - where you get less marks per minute.
racersteer: Hi Patrick Sir
Patrick D'souza: Hi
racersteer: MH-CET is my last hope!
Patrick D'souza: Then give it your best shot. Prepare hard till three days before exam, then take a bit of rest to be fresh during the exam - but do revise your mocks during the last days.
hemanth100: im getting 100 in last 4 mocks how to increase my score wer t foucs?
my weaker area is verbal
im getting 52-60 correct in logical out f 100 what r right things t do??
Patrick D'souza: Either focus on increasing your attempts or increasing your accuracy. If you are already attempting too many questions 150+ to get 100 marks then focus on accuracy. If your attempts are low 130-, then focus on improving your speed by solving those questions that takes less time, especially verbal ability.
Malicious: Hello Sir,

Can you strategise on how to score better for CET ?
Patrick D'souza: You will have to come out with your own strrategy based on your strengths and weakness. Each indic\vidual is unique and ones strategy is differetn from others. Try to focus on your strong areas first and leave out the weak areas. Also have strategy ready for a tough paper and an easy paper.
Malicious: Will MH-CET have same importance as CMAT ?
Patrick D'souza: For All India Seats in Maharashtra colleges, CET and CMAT will be on par. For Maharashtra seats only CET will be considered.
racersteer: tensed. like what kinda paper can i expect. tougher than CMAT ?
Patrick D'souza: Try to be relaxed. The paper is going to be same for every one. If it is tough for you, it will be tough for everyone. Similarly easy paper will be easy for everyone. It is a relative performance so just do your best no matter how the paper comes.
Kg04: what type of paper to expect ? what are expected cuttoffs for jbims ?
Patrick D'souza: Dont try to predict the paper. The cutoffs for JB in the past have varied from 125 to 170. So you really dont know what to expect. What you can do is relax and solve the paper as it comes. If you try predicting the paper and it does not come as you planned, then you will unnecessarily will come under stress.
Kg04: should we be prepared for difficult questions on puzzles ?
Patrick D'souza: Be prepared for everything, and be prepared for leaving questions if it is too tough. Dont try to bring ego during the exam. A lot of good students get so engrossed in solving logic questions in the exam that they lose track of time. So be careful.
The skill in such exam is to leave tough questions and solve the easy ones.
racersteer: what should be last few days tips
Patrick D'souza: Write mocks every day. You can write mocks for 4 days and revise the various mocks on the 5th day. Can do this upto four days before the exam. Then take a days break to go through previous mocks and then write a mock two days before the exam. One day before exam again take a break so that you are fresh for the exam. When the time of exam is released, try to write your test at the same time as your exam time so that your body gets used to sitting for the exam at that time.
racersteer: i get tensed 2 days prior to exam
Patrick D'souza: Prepare hard for the exam, but dont make it too important. The students who topped MAT exam this year was my student and he was quite busy with his college work just before the exam that he did not have time to rest. But he performed exceptionally during the exam. The main reason was that he was so busy with his college work that he was less worried about the MAT exam. Same goes with CET. Go see a movie before the exam or whatever you like.
Hiteshkk: sir which college in mumbai should i prefer?
Patrick D'souza: It is based on your preference. Some may want only JB. There will be others who will want JB, Syd, Somaiya, Welingkar. Some may not mind Dalmia and SIES too. So it is indivudual preference. So based on your background you can decide.
ViniM: Good Evening Sir,
MH-CET is my last hope.Pls give me some last min valuable tips?
Patrick D'souza: Try experimenting with different strategies of writing mocks till 1 week to the exam. 
Try to relax and dont try to make it a do or die situation.
Identify the areas you feel that you can improve on and only focus on improving that. Dont try to waste time on questions you are anyways going to leave in the exam.
Swati1989: I get confused with the visual arrangements, how to prepare well with that section??
Patrick D'souza: Visuals is basically pattern formation. More questions you solve the better it will be. If possible solve around 50 questions of visuals everyday and that should help you to solve it fast.
hazzy: Hello sir.
Good Evng
How should be the puzzle taking strategy?
Sometimes we feel a particular puzzle could be solved easily but we land up consuming more time. What should be the strategy as far as puzzles are concerned?
Patrick D'souza: There are two points at which you can leave a puzzle. First the moment you see it and you feel it will be a tough questin, you can leave it. This is in the first 5 to 10 seconds. Second once you have gone through the questions and made an outline but feel you are not going anywhere. you can leave it. Later at anytime you feel that you will not be able to solve the puzzle you should leave it. Dont try to waste a lot of time on puzzles in the exam. If you are getting it, great, else go to the next question.
Also you feel you are stuck, but the question is solvable, you can come back to it after some time. But that time too dont waste too much time. Just glance to see if you can make out what you have missed and try to rectify it. Else leave the question.
CSA03518: HI

i am in final year bsc..i have not done 12th,i have done diploma ,on that basis i got admission in graduation..

i want to do mba in healthcare management..i am eligible for mat?/

or is it right option after bsc??
Patrick D'souza: You are eligible for all the Management entrance exams. The best course for health care management is TISS. But they prefer some background in that area. You can also look at Symbiosis too for Healthcare. Even welingkar has some course on the same.
ViniM: i usually take a lot of time in comprehension section..
Patrick D'souza: Any area you take a lot of time, you should leave it to the end.
You can try different strategy like reading the questions and then going through the passage or reading the first and last para and then going to the questions or skimming through the passage and then solving the questions. Different students are comfortable with different strategies. So try you best with different methods and see where you are comfortable.
You can also solve only the synonym and antonym questions in RC and leave the rest.
hemanth100: what is cap process? how seats r allocated for oms?
im from oms how much should i get into jb??
how many seats through cat into jb??
Patrick D'souza: All the exams are considered on par for All India Seats. So a CAT 99.99%ile will be on par with CET 99.99%ile. the likely cutoff for JB for All India seats will be 99.98%ile. It is unlikely a person with 99.98%ile in CAT will apply to JB. So it is likely no one will make it to JB through CAT scores this year.
Patrick D'souza: Thanks for the questions. All the Best for your exams.
Patrick D'souza: Thanks for the questions. All the Best for your exams.
hazzy: Sir, what can we say regarding the contribution of Quant section in this year's CET paper?
Patrick D'souza: Around 20 to 30 questions.
Views : 2601
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