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Anurag: Hi

sarika.t: hi
Malicious: I reside in Bombay and have joined classes for CAT 16. Can you share some tips on how to start focusing day by day ?
Anurag: First of all it is extremely important that you make sure that your material should not pile up, so make sure that every day you try to cover atleast two topics.Make different combinations like Quant + LR or DI + Eng.Spend 2 - 3 hours daily.

ramya.srinivasan: Hello sir i am preparing for CAT exam and would like to know if other MBA exams can be taken care of? Like can i apply for XAT also ?
Anurag: You should appear for all the exams.Preparation of CAT will take care of all the exams.
Malicious: Correct. I get that sir. Piling up my material tenses me alot at times that how will i cope up with so much studies.
Anurag: Try to solve 35 - 40 % of questions of the same topic which is being covered in class and whenever you get time try and solve the prev.topic questions
Malicious: Has CAT got the same impact like before. Since intake is getting lesser by years because of difficulty level
Anurag: Dear, you have wrong stats intake has been increased for almost all the good colleges but as a student you should focus more on content.
ramya.srinivasan: Okay but sir i got to know that XAT focuses more on verbal section as it has additional section like essay writing so will that be a major drawback
Anurag: True but essay writing happens after the test and in XAT  the level of Quant is higher as compare to other exams and Eng is at par to other exams.
Malicious: So taking in that way i think it will try to polish my skills to solve that type of concept Q.s quicker and swiftly as time is also a constraint in giving CAT.
Anurag: That's why i always recommend that whenever you practice it should be time based practice.
ramolapatel: since we are 150 days away, wat shud be the core focus
Anurag: Focus on completing the material by the end of july and try to revise concepts from prev. topics with the help of questions.
Malicious: What should be the strategy for Quant, Verbal. DILR sections ?
Anurag: Set a timer of 30 mins and try to solve 20 - 25 questions from your material and then spend 30 mins in identifying which all questions you were not able to solve. Take a break of half an hour and then solve LR and target 3 - 4 sets in 30 mins and then do the analysis of the sets which you were not able to solve.Try to follow the same practice nest day for DI and Eng. 
ramolapatel: wat kind of questions shud I start solving with ?
Anurag: It purely depends that you appeared for CAT earlier or not.
Anurag: Thanks for the participation guys.All the best
Anurag: Thanks for the participation guys.All the best
Views : 1747
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