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Get tips and tricks on how to crack online SBI PO by participating in this live chat.


boytarun: What should be the ideal attempt in each section?
Kumar Pallava: for cut off quant 21/ reasoning 24, english 18 and ga 20 is good enough and +5 in every section is decent enouh to get an interview call if the question has a decent standard
migueleflu: how should i work on high level reasoning i find it more difficult for me.thanks sir
Kumar Pallava: when it says high level reasoning , it simply implies in anallytical sections like assumption, conclusion and other such stuff, so better if you focuss to understand the difference between these terms and apply them in the questions. avoid puzzles having 3 charracters with 8 aspects which includes blood relation and profession together.thanks
Swapnesh.Sawant: hello sir,can you please explain about the descriptive section and what all it will include?
Kumar Pallava: descriptive test includes one reading comprehension , one essay writing. and precis writing as well as letter writing too. get prepared with the topics related to socio economy like financial inclusion, welfare programmes, merchant banking, forex managemrnt etc.....
iwillrock: Dear Sir, what should be ideal time to devote for each section
Kumar Pallava: 45 mins each for di and verbal and 20 mins for english and ga each

kirti.junnut: plz tell descriptive paper will online or offline?
Kumar Pallava: offline
peachacademy034: sir, pl tell me the area to be covered while preparing for General Knowledge in upcoming SBI PO exam...
Kumar Pallava:
banking law and practices-6 qs, banking updates 10 qs , national international updates 12-15 qs. and books released , important dates and marketing computer related questions should be made within reach
adk245: Can u tell the final date of sbi PO
Kumar Pallava: because of a large number of applicants it would be coducted in 3-4 days starting from last wk of june
mayur_dtsi: gd evening sir,
going by the trend of ibps can we expect a considerable increase in level of difficulty of sbi po too because of huge competition. IF SO then what should be the safe approach to attempt a difficult/time consuming question paper. CAn there be sectional time limits similar to sbi specialist officer few months back.
Kumar Pallava: SBI exam has always followed a trend of keeping any one section difficult, 2 moderate and 1 easy. thus you shoud not go with presumed mind. it would be advisable to have good grip over ga/ computer and maerketing as any way the sction will be moderate only
tjoshi51: sir i secured 81 marks last year in SBI PO but still did not get a call....what was the cut off
Kumar Pallava:
it was variable for different category, but 81 stands among none . 126 was for general excluding interview
mayur_dtsi: gd evening sir
i have cracked syndicate bank po in this year's ibps. will it affect my selection chances if any for sbi in future if i clear the written round.
Kumar Pallava: no way, you have to insure that u are not signing any bond with the said bank and if being done so u should b able to pay the penalty

iwillrock: How to decide whether to attempt or leave the question??
Kumar Pallava: during prep try to identify the features of a difficult queestion and accordingly use it in the exam
mayur_dtsi: Why is it that first 10-15 min during an exam make or break our whole attemot in exam.
Kumar Pallava: its not the first 10-15 mins , its the entire 120 minutes which makes or breaks, dont loose hope till the last moment
sanjay5954: Sir, As far as my knowledge is concerned previous year cut-off was around 137. How can attempt of 21, 24, 18 and 20 be considered ideal?
Kumar Pallava: this is cut off and you are talking about merit list of final selection including interview which is different . the answer is related to sectional cut off
Swapnesh.Sawant: sir..what do u mean by 45 mins each for di and verbal and 20 mins for english and ga each? i didnt get u
Kumar Pallava: 45 each refers to DI and reasoning sections and the rest 20/15 mins
punit1033: Can u please tell me if i can solely rely on computers in GA section..and attempt it with 99% accuracy.
Do i have a fair chance to clear the cutoff
Kumar Pallava:
its not wise anyway. no of qs from computers may not be more than 15, which is hardly 30 percent of the section. 
aman0046: Hello Sir,

Please tell me how to prepare for verbal section in a less time.
Kumar Pallava: two reading comprehension daily, and fill in the blanks 100 qs daily practice with wise learnings will work
srini611: Hi , I got already placed in PNB as PO. I am very much interested in SBI PO. Is there any provision to extend the joining date in IBPS process?
PALAKGORKE: Hi Sir, shall we attempt the section we are good in first or try and crack the weak sections first?
iwillrock: is there a negative marking??
Kumar Pallava: yes 1/3 
srini611: since this year exam is in online format, what would be the LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY OF questions?
Kumar Pallava: mode of exam has nothing to do with its level. it will be moderate with at least one section difficult , specially GA/ computer and marketing  THIS TIME
aman12489: will there be any sectional time cutoff to attempt each section ??
Kumar Pallava: most probably, chances are stronger
aman12489: how many applicants will be selected in written round ??
Kumar Pallava: depending upon applicants
srini611: last year Written to final selection ration is 1:2. what can we expect about this year?
Kumar Pallava: 1:6 FOR gd AND 1:2 FOR INTERVIEW 
srini611: Should we need reference from JAIIB banking law & practice book for banking awareness gk questions?
Kumar Pallava: it would not be advisable rather you may be selective in the chapters 
prasunpatelblog: Sir, why did you said that this time GA/computer and marketing section will be difficult in nature? Please correct me if i misunderstood.
Kumar Pallava: banks has diversified their business to forex and risk management and thus knowledge of the segment is a desired skill than that of being good at quant
mohitkhandelwal: Sir, the way I go about attempting mocks is that I attempt over 185 questions, leaving few difficult ones. My aim is to solve loads of question with high speed and about(75% accuracy). Should I go for more safer approach?
Kumar Pallava: its all the way advisable... you are on right track
Swapnesh.Sawant: hello sir,but i think the d negative marking is -0.25 marks..m i ryt?
Kumar Pallava: exactly but they round off the marks , thus it counts 1/3 approx
srini611: Can u tell about the difference between sbi po and other nationalized bank po ( Apart from remuneration)?
Kumar Pallava: better if we focuss on strategy aspect today 
srini611: Reasoning questions solvable in nature albeit consumes much more time than remaining sections. what is the ideal number of attempts & strategy to deal with?
Kumar Pallava: two puzzles out of three , and all analytical qs should be attempted on priority basis.
prasunpatelblog: Sir please throw some light on ideal percentile score of mock test. I am unable to decide on my level of preparation after mock test. What could be the minimum ideal percentile score?
Kumar Pallava: 60+ is always carring a chance 
srini611: how many months current affairs related GK prior to exam needed for exam?
Kumar Pallava: 18 months , but last six months will work... 4-5 questions are older in nature and its not advisable to spoil the time for 4/5 qs 
rahuls2012.singh: Hi sir going to appear fr SBI PO first time.What is the guidline which I should follow to score well in all sections
Kumar Pallava: eqaul and balanced attempts, decent accuracy and well enough economy and socio updates
srini611: Is there any word limit in Descriptive paper?
Kumar Pallava: 250/ +-14%
srini611: when is the exact date sbi po exam? After written result , howlong will it take to GD?PI rounds?
Kumar Pallava: june last and july first week ... GD /PI within 4 weeks of the result of the written test
nitesh1803: hello sir my query is that in mock tests i m getting 60 to 80 only so how to increase from that.
Kumar Pallava: can you plz provide your sectional score?
roopjishukla: what,according to you would be a safe score(out of 250)for an interview call,in this year's paper?
Kumar Pallava: 160
RANENDRA: sir,what would be the qualifying score for OBC CANDIDATES?
Kumar Pallava: 125 around
mohitkhandelwal: Sir, How should one go about preparing for descriptive paper? Are there any books relevant for preparation? please recommend.
Kumar Pallava: 1. financial inclusion 2. environment 3 women empowernment 4 welfare programmes 5- child labour= read aarticles related to these topics... nothing else required
Kumar Pallava: yes
nitesh1803: SIR My Maths is weak specially simplification but my DI is strong so how to improve maths
Kumar Pallava: its a bit countering statement . the calculation speed may disturb your overall attempts. you solve one DI paper thrice searching short cut works a lot 
prasunpatelblog: Sir my score of SBI PO 2013 exam is:
Gk,marketing, computer: 20
Descriptive: 26
Please give me some inputs to improve my score
Kumar Pallava: DI-take income/ expenditure and profit qs generally given in tabular format. again second taular di which includes total score vs percentage score . in reasoning go for puzzles at last and in english go for non rc questions first . its a generic advice but it works.
aman0046: considering two candidates, one got 140 (objective and Descriptive)and another 160. if the first candidate is getting 40 and the second is getting 30 in GD and PI. so Who will be selected ?
Kumar Pallava: second one , if 30 of gd pi is enough to clear the cut off 
roopjishukla: what according to you would be a safe score(out of 250) in this year's paper?
Kumar Pallava: 160

aman12489: I had given mock available in testfunda

the total marks for exam is 200

please give the ideal sectional score according to this pattern
Kumar Pallava: 24 each for sectional cut off and 35 each ---(average) is decent enough
roopjishukla: can we expect BODMAS questions in DI this time or will it follow the same pattern as last year?
aman0046: sir, is there any possibility of disqualified in GD and PI. although i scored good in rest sections.
Kumar Pallava: YA ITS THERE
kirti.junnut: gud evening sir, i just want to ask u that descriptive paper will be online or offline
Kumar Pallava: offline
Views : 6178
Rated 3.7 by 3 Users


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