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Get all your queries solved by expert Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer


Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: Hello..distance learning is recommended only for people who are working and have no time for a regular program
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: Hello..distance learning is recommended only for people who are working and have no time for a regular program
deandanish: Hi Lakshmi Ma'am
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: Hi Deandish
deandanish: Hi lakshmi Ma'am,

Wat are the careers in finance after mba. i am a graduate
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: In finance there are many options for career. You can be a financial analyst, investment banker, Relationship manager in a bank and so on
Malicious: Hello Lakshmi Ma'am,

Hope you are doing good?
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: Of-course Your hobby can be a profession if you are passionate about pursuing it, for instance we at ITM have an entrepreneurship cell , wherein students interested in starting a venture are encouraged.
deandanish: whats the differenc ebetween PGDM and MMS. which is better
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: PGDM is AICTE approved and MMS is university affiliated. PGDM is well recognised by organisations as this is offered by BSchools that constantly upgrade the curriculum.
Hiteshkk: Hi ma'am
good evening

does executive mba have value??
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: EMBA or executive program is again taken up by people with relevant corporate experience because they do not find time for a regular course. But any day a regular program is far better as it gives great interaction with peers and faculty.
deandanish: fine. will i be immediately employed in these mentioned roles ?
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: Of course if you prepare well and are focussed in your learning you will surely be selected for such roles.
swaroopmja: Hello
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: Hello..What do you do?
ramya.srinivasan: hello mam... is it a better option to do MBA in distance learning?
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: Hello Ramya, are you in your final year?
deandanish: cool. ma'am, whats the ROI at itm for finance
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: Wow..ROI! business term! We had students placed in Goldman sachs, Nomura, Crisil, Deloitte . You can get anywhere between 10 Lacs to 5.75 if you are well groomed and prepared in two years time.
swaroopmja: after doing MBA what are the best choices to be selected ?
I'm preparing for cat..,
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: After MBA? If you are preparing for CAT, you must also be clear about your choice of specialisation. And after MBA you can either choose to start your own venture or work with a company that can give you the best profile.
Malicious: Ma'am, Will my work-ex will be of any help to specialise in marketing as my speicalisation
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: At ITM we have close to 650 companies coming to all our B schools . MBA will never die. You learn basics in your UG, MBA actually prepares you for the corporate and gives you the finishing touch.
studzebra: i am intersted in operations being from mechanical background
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: Operations is a great specialisation to be in. Infact today right from service, manufacturing, retail to all sectors look for guys with Operations as their specialisation. Our faculty are a blend of industry and academic exposure. They are great mentors for our students when it comes to career building.
Megha.V: Hi ma'am
My question is:
Are recent enrepreneurial MBA degrees worth the time and money? and Why should an entrepreneur consider enrolling in business school?
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: Hi Megha, MBA degree with entrepreneurial skills will help you build a sound business as you are aware of latest trends in business and can implement them successfuly. Be it e-commerce, big data, etc.
studzebra: is experience handy to get a well paid job
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: Yes , experience is handy but not a must to get a good job.Your attitude, skill and knowledge decide more on your chance of cracking an interview.
Malicious: Which are the companies hiring for marketing and sales profile and with average package
profile ?
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: We have many companies hiring for marketing and sales across sectors. Nestle, HUL, HDFC, ICICI, Kotak, almost all private banks, Aditya Birla, Landmark etc. The highest package has been 13.5 offered by Landmark.
studzebra: just wanna know about faculty at itm for operations
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: Hi, our Faculty are from the industry and academic arena, well qualified and are well aware of the trends in business which they push across through case studies and other creative methodologies. Most of them are doctorates and have researched in their respective areas and engage our students too in various industry projects.
ashishmanerikar: Hello mam, what advantages a student with industrial experience has over a fresher? And how can a fresher deal with this?
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: There are freshers who get better jobs than experienced guys as companies that are on campus look at overall personality of the student . He must be clear about the fundas, must be well groomed, must display positive and alert attitude and should be good in present day skills like presentation, advance excel etc.
studzebra: great too hear that. wanna have as mcuh exposure to industry a possible
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: During your PGDM learning , we provide ample industry exposure through live projects, alumni interactions, industry based guest sessions, industry visits and so on. Infact at ITM we have a five month long industry internship that gives the students live learning before he joins the corporate.
studzebra: guest lectures and seminar
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: We have guest lectures in all business functions. We invite industry professionals to come on campus and connect the concepts to live applications. Our own alumni who are for almost 20 plus year in the corporate and hold very senior positions interact with our students and give them lot of inputs.
ashishmanerikar: I want to pursue my career in finance and I have engineering background, what courses can I do to which will help me understand financial concepts and will also add value to my profile?
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: Finance specialisation suit engineering students very well as their analytical skills are well developed. The penchant for numbers enable them to perform well in the corporate. We at ITM also have specialisation in financial markets and can boast of a trading simulation lab in our campus.
studzebra: dint know that u have 5 months of internship. Looks a perfect place!
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: Yes and you are provided a company mentor and faculty mentor so you are guided all along the five months to be a performer. Many of our students get a pre placement offer during their internship.
Shoaibhvastad: wat are the career options in HR
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: Hi..You can be a recruiter, be in training and development, pay roll, PMS, or hold a generalist profile. HR is best suited for those with people skills, for extroverts and people who love interacting with people. There is a great scope in HR. Though you may start in recruitments you can always choose your area of preference.
Shoaibhvastad: AND whats the return on HR.
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: ROI may not be great initially but HR is an important function and if you show passion in your work, there is no limit to growth and returns.
Shoaibhvastad: i love interacting with people. thats y i m planning to go for HR. ca we switch streams after 1st year ?
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: You must opt for HR if you love being in that field. At ITM if you have chosen HR you can't move to marketing and vice versa, but we surely can help you make the right decision.
ramya.srinivasan: okay mam ...i am also confused between going for HR or marketing.. currently i am working in sales background. and i see HR has very few openings but marketing has many and at the same time marketing is huge.. may i know if i opt for marketing what kind of jobs i can get into?
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: If you opt for marketing you will have to be ready to move in the filed, be interactive, energetic. You may have a team that you will have to guide and manage. The positions will be Relationship manager, Asst marketing manager, Team lead, Management trainee etc.
studzebra: what are the guest events happening at ITM ?
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: Guest mean conference and seminars or guest lectures?At ITM we also have a lot of events on campus, Maverick, Tech fest, Finance Fiesta , E Week, and so many others. Every event is connected to learning of that particular specialisation. Students enjoy the events and have a great learning out of every event that we organise at ITM
ramya.srinivasan: Thank you mam..
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: Most welcome..Best wishes
Shoaibhvastad: thanks a lot maam for solving for all the queries . just answer the last question
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: What is the last question?
Shoaibhvastad: great. do u have counselling session before admission to help choose the right stream?
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: Yes, we do offer counseling sessions at ITM, if you are in Navi Mumbai, you can drop in at our campus for advice.
ramya.srinivasan: okay mam ...i am also confused between going for HR or marketing.. currently i am working in sales background. and i see HR has very few openings but marketing has many and at the same time marketing is huge.. may i know if i opt for marketing what kind of jobs i can get into?
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: Marketing can be very interesting. It will enable you to be creative, meet customers, customise as per the needs of your customers, be involved in planning of the product and plan for success of the same. Maximum companies recruit marketing guys and they are always in demand. If you need any counseling you are also welcome to our campus to understand what would be the best choice for you.
Dr. Lakshmi Mohan Iyer: We end the chat here. Thank you for your participation.
Views : 2133
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