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In continuity with our interaction with CAT 2013 100 percentilers, here's Suneet Kumbhat answering your queries in this chat.


rontymahajan: how did you prepare for quant?
Suneet Kumbhat: Hi Ronty. Well, I used to solve a lot of tests and more importantly analyse my answers after the test. Having a look at the solutions helped me gain different perspectives as to how a question can be answered and answered quick.
sumeet413: suneet...can u give me some tips for case discussion and group discussion round...I am really nervous and I lack confidence too for these rounds..
Suneet Kumbhat: Sumeet, remember that it is the same for all and confidence is the key. Read newspapers, watch debates on TV, work on your background and you'll be fine. Atleast, that's what I am doing. Cheers!
ritwizshukla92: Firstly..Lots of Congratulations on ur feat..!!! Please guide me how to prepare for verbal ability as i am not that gud in this section.
Suneet Kumbhat: Thanks a lot for your wishes buddy. Well, the best method is to practice. You have time and so I'd suggest you take one type of questions at a time. Say parajumbles. Keep solving in batches of 5 or 10 and analyse your answers. There can be a lot of learning from here and eventually your accuracy will increase. Then repeat the above for some other topic.
rontymahajan: how much did you attempt in quant and verbal
Suneet Kumbhat: I attempted all the questions.
sumeet413: Thanks suneet...Can you send me some online links for gd/cd preparation..?
Suneet Kumbhat: You can use the testfunda forum. Plus reading about the current key issues especially politics, finance and economics. Get your basics right here. All the best!
rontymahajan: how did you prepare for verbal?
Suneet Kumbhat: See my answer to ritwizshukla92. Basically kept solving one type of questions until I was confident about my accuracy.
rahulsinhpatil: How much time would u study?
Suneet Kumbhat: Well, I have been working on my start-up and so I didn't get much time. However, I used to solve a mock test a week for the 3 months prior to the exam. I used to then analyse the results which took me more time than what I gave to solve the mocks. So basically somewhere around 6-7hrs a week is what I put in. However, you should also take into consideration that this was my 4th attempt and there was a lot of effort that I had already put in, in the past 3 years.
ritwizshukla92: Thanks a lot..:) What books or material did you followed for each section? Please list them.
Suneet Kumbhat: Nothing specific. Books don't matter much as long as you are solving something designed for CAT preparation. So any book or material would do. Just that you need to put in the appropriate amount of effort.
rontymahajan: how to start cat preparation from scratch?
Suneet Kumbhat: What I would suggest is to give a mock test to check where you stand. No need to get demotivated if the result ain't good. However, you get a reality check and then you know the amount of hardwork you require to put in to achieve your target. Then, as I've already suggested, solve a lot of questions across various topics and learn from their solutions. This last part is critically important!
Chirayu2404: hi Suneet.
Please guide on how to analyse a mock test score?
Suneet Kumbhat: That is a very good question. You need to know what you are aiming at first. You then check where you stand. However, to understand how you can get there, you must check your answers to the questions. I am sure you'll find a lot of silly errors. Also, there might be a few unattempted questions which you didn't see during the exam and which you could have solved easily. Now learn from here and try to bridge the gap in your next test. Similarly, also see the type of questions where you are going wrong or using up a lot of time. You need to work on these specifically!
rahulsinhpatil: Thats really helpful for me thanks
I am also going to give my second attempt in 2014 so anything from ur experience u would like to suggest me for pepration of this year?
Suneet Kumbhat: Give a lot of tests. You also have time on your hand. Work on your weak areas and keep revisiting and strengthen your strong areas as well. You would not want to miss out on even a single mark from those topics.
Soups: first of all many cogratz on ur superb success..
Suneet Kumbhat: Thanks a lot.
Soups: tell me ur exam date and slot
Suneet Kumbhat: It was on the 31st of October. Afternoon slot.
Soups: how r u currently preparing fr ur wats nd pi?
Suneet Kumbhat: Working on my background. Reading about current affairs. Practising by speaking in front of the mirror. Writing essays. That's about it!
Soups: how helpful were ur past 3 attempts in enabling u to score a 100% this tym?
Suneet Kumbhat: Very helpful. You get to know the exam better with each attempt. I used to be nervous in my previous attempts. This time I was pretty cool and the results are there to be seen! hello suneet, I want some Tips regarding Case discussion round and also for WAT round
Suneet Kumbhat: Pick up topics from the net and work on them. Write an essay in exam-like conditions if preparing for WAT. Read out your answer loud, share with friends, gain perspective!
guest: i gave my cat this year and got 76 percentile overall with 81 in QA and 66 in VA..i want to get 99+ percentile this time..How to improve in both the sections?
Suneet Kumbhat: Practice makes a man perfect. Keep practising until you get the desired accuracy and speed which will fetch you a 99+ percentile. Good luck!
scofield412: Hello Suneet, What kind of a mock score ensures a percentile above 99
in cat?
Suneet Kumbhat: This depends on test to test. Mocks generally provide you with a percentile score. I'd say aim for a score of 100+. However, try maximising your marks during a test.
Chirayu2404: Thanks a lot!

How many mocks should one take to have a proper know-how of his / her preparation? Also, is going to a coaching institute or for an online coaching programme a primary requirement to get through?
PS: I am a working professionsal.
Suneet Kumbhat: Mocks are there to help you build your confidence and to help you be consistent. Say if you are aiming for a 99%ile. Unless you consistently score a 99%ile in your mocks, you need to keep giving them. I gave around 15 mocks this year.
ritwizshukla92: I am joining TCS in March. So, tell me about how to manage my studies along with my job?
Suneet Kumbhat: It is not that difficult if you want to prepare well. You need to set aside some time during the weekdays to study. Over the weekends, you need to do the bulk of the work. If you are dedicated and follow this schedule with discipline, you'll pass the test with flying colours.
Soups: is reading included in one of your hobbies?
Suneet Kumbhat: Yes, I read quite a bit.
pramitee: Sir what are good colleges to do mba where the tuition fees are a little low ?thank you sir.
Suneet Kumbhat: I am not an expert to answer this but I believe that FMS, Delhi and JBIMS, Mumbai are right up there!
guest: Number of attempts and accuracy needed to get 99+ percentile?
Suneet Kumbhat: I used to go for all the questions and for 100% accuracy. But realistically I think 50+ scores in both the sections would do.
Chirayu2404: Which other exams did you take this year and what were your scores? Please guide me on preparing for XAT and how does it differ from CAT?
Suneet Kumbhat: I gave CMAT. Got a score of 285. Haven't given XAT yet, so wouldn't be able to help you out here.
rahulsinhpatil: Is 'Word Power Made Easy' necessary to practice for Verbal?
Suneet Kumbhat: It helps of course but is not necessary. What you can do is, because you have time on your hands, you not start reading it? You would be a better judge to decide whether it is a value add or not. That's how I used to solve questions. Do not go on what others say, try experiencing it and take a call.
ritwizshukla92: Thanks a lot Suneet for all your guidance & help. I wish u all d best for ur GD/PIs and your future. Best Of Luck..!!!
Suneet Kumbhat: Thank you so much. Good luck to you too for your future :)
Soups: do you think one should aim to attempt all the questions in each section to score a 100 percentile?
Suneet Kumbhat: Of course. If the aim is a 100%ile, the most foolproof way to attain it is to solve all questions correctly, right?
Chirayu2404: Is going to a coaching institute or for an online coaching programme a primary requirement to get through?
Suneet Kumbhat: No, not a primary requirement but it helps you nonetheless. I've seen a lot of people not going to such coaching institutes not knowing where to start their preparation from. They ultimately waste their time and start preparing judiciously a couple of days before the exam. These institutes give you direction. Having said that, if you are confident enough that you'll put in the hard work, there is no need to join such institutes.
srini611: how many questions did u attempt in quant & verbal each? what was ur accuracy?
Suneet Kumbhat: I always tried attempting all the questions. In mocks, my accuracy in section 1 was around 85-90% and in section 2 was around 75-80%.

pramitee: I am weak in verbal portion. How can I improve on the vocabulary? Can you suggest me any books? Thank you.
Suneet Kumbhat: You must read a lot in order to improve on your vocabulary. Any word you face, the meaning of which you are unaware of, you check the dictionary. This helps you understand it better as you also see the word being used in a sentence.
srini611: how did u handle ur verbal ability preperation?
Suneet Kumbhat: Kept solving a lot of questions and analysed the solutions.
raghuramgorty: please name the material that u have referred to, for your preparation..Please name them?? It wud be helpful to so many aspirants...
Suneet Kumbhat: As I've told before, it doesn't matter much whether you solve from A or from B. What matters is that YOU are solving questions.
Soups: yeah...

thank you so much sir for all your help.hope u do gud in ur wats and pi and go to iim a(my dream institute).all d bst fr yr future. gd luck.
Suneet Kumbhat: Thank you so much buddy :)
Chirayu2404: What are your views about the possible discrepancies in CAT 13 results that a number of students are complaining about?
Suneet Kumbhat: Last year, I scored a 69.something in my section 2 which was shocking for me. I too mailed the authorities, though nothing substantiated. Currently, I am not looking much into this news though as I have a lot on my plate (WAT-GD-PI prep). Let the authorities answer them.
navin0412: how to increase the no of attempts in mock cats from 14 to 22 +
Suneet Kumbhat: Practice! Keep practising. First for accuracy, then for speed. Focus on particular subjects which you think you can master. Keep adding subjects to this category by continuously practising.
guest: What r ur sectionals ? How did u tackle DI ? Did u go through the entire paper first ?
Suneet Kumbhat: Scored a 99.97 (raw score - 188) in section 1 and 99.99 (raw score - 181) in section 2. For DI, I followed a couple of guidelines. 1. Don't start the section with a DI. To start with heavy calculations can take up some time, atleast for me. 2. Don't solve all the DI sets together. It can drain you out.
No I didn't go through the entire paper first. However, I made it a point that I looked at all questions properly before time ran out.
baba9: How many questions did u attempt in CAT 13 ?
Suneet Kumbhat: All
rahulsinhpatil: Which IIM r u targeting?
Suneet Kumbhat: Focussing on interview preparation right now. Will take a call once the results are out.
Soups: when are ur wats and pi scheduled to be
Suneet Kumbhat: All across Feb and March.
arvind8878: first of all many many congratulations to u,i got 6 iim's call but m in dilemma that how would i start preps for wat-pi, so please suggest me.
Suneet Kumbhat: Answered before. Work on your profile and read about current happenings.
Suneet Kumbhat: We end the chat here. Thank you for your participation.
Views : 4341
Rated 5.0 by 2 Users
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