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CAT 2011 Experience

CAT 2011 Experience

grimreaper ,  29-Oct-11
sweet serendipity
( day of exam - 28th Oct , Slot -Evening , Center- Chennai)

With Diwali spirits still high ,I was all excited to go on a date with the lusty meow. I reached the venue with enough time to spare, not that i really wanted to, but the taxi guy was schumacher's lil bro. A piece of advice would be that if you dont have any idea about your center then start a little early.

A few Important things-
  1. CARRY TWO ORIGINAL IDENTITY PROOF, with the name same as that on your admit card.
  2. If you are a college student with no pan card or driving license , then have your COLLEGE ID card and a BANK ATM card of that name.
  3. Its not a picnic, so try not to carry any accessories. Trust me it was funny seeing things like lip gloss and eye liners being carried by aspirants 
  4. Wear something that would let you concentrate on the exam rather than twidling here and there each minute.
  5. Eat a light breakfast/lunch before the exam. Dont come empty stomach with yo tummy grumbling.

The security system was flawless and the staff were really helpful with any issues.The biometrics and the part where you have to smile at the web cam took hardly 2 min( I had to take my photo thrice cause I just couldn't keep my eyes open. :P )
The testing room was perfect. Unlike some centers where cardboards were used as a blinder, here there were proper ones made of wood that properly isolated you from other test takers.  I got the extreme corner one, which is the best one could ask for.
Adjust the seat to your liking, ask for help to make sure you are at the right level to the screen and your notepad. Have water if you want to and visit the restroom one more time if needed. These small things make all the difference.

Time for the Test - :)

  1. Go through the tutorial, cause not only does it get your mind ready, it also helps you in getting a feel of the mouse and its sensitivity (Gamers know how important that is)
  2. Once the tutorial is over you need to accept the NDA before the start of the test. small thing... but u need to do it within 5 min...else bye bye exam :)

so now coming to the most awaited part,

Section 1-
As expected the section was on the lines of the mocks you all would have given. There were three DI sets (8 Qs in all) and the rest were Quant.
There were a few sitters while there were also some tricky questions. The DI were decent and needed you to be attentive on the details.
In all each topic was covered and the qs also tested your basics. The Quant forum has enough Qs for that.
Just stick to what you have learnt and don't go about cramming in new ideas just cause you read something somewhere. Did 29 with 5 min remaining...and gave an intelligent guess to the last one...should be right :)...An ideal attempt would have been 21-22 with an accuracy of 85% (those were the attempts of some of my friends who are pretty consistent in quant section)

Section 2 -
This section was tricky. would give it 4/5 in difficulty meter. It was plain tricky. Lr being my first choice, I started out with it. They were a little time consuming and well one had to be careful while solving them. One Q was simply out of the world level(three chillies level) and even trying to attempt it would have been a mistake.
The Verbal Usage was easy while the RCs were tricky. The Verbal Reasoning were challenging and made one think twice before answering.... In all a good Section 2.

So an interesting paper in all :)

Please do not go into the test with a plan formed on the basis of the previous test date analysis . Give the test with an open and clear mind. By now you would have a strategy to go about solving a test, so stick to that and do not change it for any reason.
DO NOT ATTEMPT MANY JUST CAUSE SOME XYZ DID. This year seems to be more about accuracy and not about quantity. Be honest to yourself as you are the best person to judge the ideal attempts for that particular paper.
As for those who are giving CAT the first time, please do not waste time reading too many experiences as it would do you no good. Have faith in yourself :)

So ALL THE BEST to everyone.
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