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Online Scholarship Test

Online Scholarship Test

TestFunda ,  01-Oct-09 introduces an Online Scholarship Test which will enable Scholarships upto 100% on TestFunda Courseware.
The test (total 15 questions) will consist of questions from sections such as English, Quantitative Ability & Logical Reasoning. The test will be for duration of 45 minutes.
Click this link to view the Demo test.
The test is scheduled for the following dates:
Wednesday, October 7, 2009 at 6.30 pm
Saturday, October 10, 2009 at 5.00 pm

Each person will be allowed to attempt only one test, either on Wednesday or Saturday.
(Both the tests will contain different questions.)
You need to register to appear for the Online Scholarship Test.
To register click here.

To take the Online Scholarship test (October 7, 2009), click here.
To take the Online Scholarship test (October 10, 2009), click here.
The Scholarships will be on basis of your rank in the Online Scholarship Test.
TOP 3 100%
4-10 80%
11-17 70%
18-25 60%
Others 20%-59%
The Scholarship Test discount is applicable on any TestFunda courseware in the CD and Online format.
Please note:
• We will contact the winners within one working day.
• Please update your name, address and mobile number on the “My Accounts” page on so that we can contact you.
• Please keep a reminder on your mobile so as not to miss the test!
1 Please ensure that you have flash player 9.0 or higher installed on your machine. To check the version of the player installed on your machine click here. To install latest Flash player click here.
2 The test has a limited amount of time.
3 Each question has an allotted time limit.
4 The faster you answer the more points you score.
5 For the multiple choice questions -select your answer and hit submit. You can change your answer before clicking on submit.
6 You cannot change your answer once you click on submit.
In case of any queries call on 022 666 000 000 ext 207 or mail us on
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