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Summer fun at TestFunda - Contests & quizzes

Summer fun at TestFunda - Contests & quizzes

TestFunda ,  28-Apr-16
This summer TestFunda brings you quizzes and contests to help you kickstart your prep for competitive exams this year. We will be holding quizzes based on MBA and bank entrance exams. Hold on; do not think that this is all about preparation and serious stuff. We have lined up quizzes that test you on fun cricket facts as well as current affairs.

This is what we have lined up for you:

Contest for the Innovators:

We do not have any winners for the contest.

Do you often day dream about products that you would love to create? Do you think your innovations can have a great impact on the world? Do you want to share your path breaking ideas with other innovators? We give you the platform to do just that. 

This summer TestFunda brings you a contest that encourages creative thinking. Bring out the innovator in you and come up with a product that no one has thought of yet. Send your ideas to us and stand a chance to win exciting prizes. You never know, this might very well be a stepping stone to your career in product innovation.

To participate:

Send us a write up about your idea of a product in not more than 800 words. Your write up should consist of the following key points:
  • Inspiration for your product and its name
  • Product concept
  • Features of the product and how it can be used
You need post your entry as a comment to this article.


We will choose 2 winners from the entries we receive.

1st Bumper Prize- TF Laptop bag, TF Tshirt, 10% off on any courseware
2nd Prize- TF Tshirt, 7% off on any courseware

All participants get 5% off on any courseware

The contest begins on 2nd May.

  • Entries with plagiarised product ideas will be disqualified
  • You may send more than 1 product idea but 1 person will win just 1 prize
  • Your language needs to be clear enough to help us understand your product
  • Decision of the judges will be final. No arguments will be entertained regarding the same

Take a look at the quizzes we have lined up for you

Sr. No. Topic Date
1. CAT based Verbal ability quiz 1st May
2. Cricket quiz 8th May
3. CAT based Quantitative ability quiz 14th May
4. SBI Clerical Mini quiz 19th May
5. GK quiz 29th May


First 3 on the leaderboard get a 10% discount on any courseware
Next 7 on the leaderboard get a 7% discount on any courseware
Next 15 on the leaderboard get a 5% discount on any courseware
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