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Reward Points - Modified

Reward Points - Modified

TestFunda ,  17-Sep-09
You can earn Reward Points in various ways!

         - Regular Features
         - TestFunda Schemes and Offers

What are Reward Points?

- You earn Reward Points by participating in various TestFunda contests, referring friends etc.
- 5 Reward Points is equivalent to one rupee in case of redemption of merchandise or cash redemption.
- You can use your Reward Points in the following ways:

   1. Get gifts from the Rewards Gallery  
   2. Avail discounts on TestFunda Courses

- The Reward Points you earn can be redeemed even during special promotions and discounts. For example, if is offering 30% discount, you  get not only 30% discount but also additional discount based on the number of Reward Points redeemed.

How do I earn Reward Points?
  • Regular Features
  1. Quizzes conducted online
  2. Puzzle of the Week
  • TestFunda Schemes and Offers
  1. Referral Scheme on Purchase of TestFunda Courses
And many more Activities and Contests conducted regularly on! Click the link for more information on TestFunda contests, events and updates.

Terms & Conditions:

The Reward Points will be credited to your 'My Account' page within 2 working days.
  1. There is no minimum Reward Points requirement to avail of Gifts or TestFunda Courseware option. 
  2. The Reward Points will expire after 12 months of earning them and need to be utilized for gifts or TestFunda Courseware within the period.
  3. The scheme can be modified or withdrawn by by giving a 2 weeks’ notice to users. The Reward Points earned before the withdrawal of the scheme will be honoured.
  4. Reward Points earned by one user cannot be transferred to any other user. The discount code generated on courseware is transferable
  5. If we find that any false identities are used to earn reward points, we will disqualify the Reward Points earned by that user.
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