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NMIMS B.Com (hons), BBA & B.Sc (eco) take NMAT(C)

NMIMS B.Com (hons), BBA & B.Sc (eco) take NMAT(C)

TestFunda ,  28-Apr-11
If you have taken the 12th exam (HSC or equivalent) this year, you can apply for admissions to NMIMS' 3 year graduate courses- B.Com (honours), B.Sc (Economics) and BBA.

Curriculum: The 3 year programmes' curricula are at par with international industry requirements- a mix of lectures, case studies, games, role play, simulations, seminars and workshops. All the 3 programs follow a trimester system.

Batch Size:

BBA = 240
B.Com (Honours) = 60
B.Sc = 60

Test: The paper-pencil test is called NMAT (C) comprising 120 MCQ type questions divided amongst 3 sections

  1. Proficiency in English Language
  2. Quantitative & Numerical Ability
  3. Reasoning & General Intelligence. 
The test is of 120 minute duration. Each incorrect answer will attract 0.25 negative marks.

Test date and centres: The NMAT (C) is scheduled on Sunday, 15th May, 2011 across 9 cities:

Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Jaipur, Mumbai, Pune, Surat and Shirpur

Bird's eye view of what to expect in the test::
A. Quantitative & Numerical Ability:

1. If cube of 11 is subtracted from the square of a number, the answer so obtained is 694. What is the number?

(1)47     (2) 45    (3) 43     (4) 41    (5) None of these

2. A bus covers a distance of 1755 Kms. In 27 hours. What is the speed of the bus?

(1)72 Kms/hr.    (2) 62 Kms/Hr.    (3) 68 Kms/hr.    (4) Cannot be determined    (5) None of these

3. The product of two consecutive even numbers is 1848. What is the smaller number?

(1)42     (2) 46    (3) 44     (4) 38    (5) None of these

4. What would be the approximate compound interest obtained on an amount of Rs. 1,300/- at the rate of 8 p.c.p.a. after 3 years?

(1) Rs. 260/-    (2) Rs. 280/-    (3) Rs. 300/-    (4) Rs. 340/-    (5) Rs. 380/-

B. Reasoning & General Intelligence

1. In a certain code 'POLICE' is written as 'RQNKEG', how is ‘FELLOW’ written in that code?

(1) GHNNQY   (2) HGMNQY    (3) IGNNQY    (4) HGNNQY   (5) None of these

2. A is father of B who is father of C who is sister of D. How is C related to A?

(1)Daughter     (2) Grandson    (3) Granddaughter    (4) cannot be determined    (5) None of these

3. Ruchi started walking towards South; she walked 40 meters and took a right turn walked 20 meters and again took a right turn and walked 25 meters. What is the minimum distance from the starting point to the point she reached?

(1)25 meters    (2) 35 meters    (3) 45 meters    (4) cannot be determined    (5) None of these

C. Proficiency in English Language

How many incorrect spellings does the sentence have:

1. He was probably the first Indian to acknowledge the significance of investors.

2. Children try to do _____________ others do.
(1)whatever     (2) that     (3) because    (4) for     (5) however

3. Sharda must be punished for acting in Opposite to may wishes.

(1)Opposing to     (2) in opposite with    (3) against    (4) to opposite with     (5) no correction required

4. Rearrange the following word/phrase to form meaningful sentence.

Newspapers/ Have / No leisure/ For reading/ They.

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