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Morphosis 2017

Morphosis 2017

TestFunda ,  20-Apr-17

Morphosis is the annual technical festival organized by the Technical Society of NIT Mizoram. It is basically a techno-management festival that is organized every year with a sincere motive to inculcate the technical and managerial skills in the very nature of the participants.
We are here with a plethora of indulging and needless to say, super exulting events that not only provide an excellent system of support to the participants but also provide them a distinguished platform to carve out the niche in their field of interest.
This year we are presenting a wide range of new and exciting events and that too at a very competitive level that is assured to send down a chill through your spines.
The salient inclusions in Morphosis 2017 may be summed up as follows:-
1. A wide range of mind boggling events like quiz, Olympiads, aptitude tests are here to surely give your minds, a refreshing retreat.
2. Arcadia- the gaming magathlon is all set with some new and most popular games, thus providing the gamers to cash on their gaming skills.
3. Events like Stock Bridge and S-Marketing are included to help you to extract the most out of the fest this year by carving your management and decision-making skills to the fullest.
4. Cube fever, especially dedicated to the miraculous properties of a Rubik’s  cube is all set to test your mental strength and the ability to perform under pressurized environment.
5.  Events like Power of speech, present you, tech-talk and many more, are presented to help you improve your communication skills, which is by far one of the most vital areas in which one’s expertise is highly desirable.
6. Abhyudaya, the latest inclusion this year, will surely be going to provide you with an extraordinary edge in your academic careers, by making you well versed with some of the most sought after softwares in technical domain. 
7. Many more of the likes above are here to give you an excellent opportunity for your all-round development and besides that, it is surely going to be a nerve-wrecking, exulting and frolicking experience.

So make your minds ready to experience the technical frenzy this year with Morphosis. Do join us and give us a chance to help you to excavate your hidden potential.

Our technical fest has been kick started today.

The first event Stock Bridge is live now. View here.
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