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How to crack Subjective Selection for IBPS BankPO exam

How to crack Subjective Selection for IBPS BankPO exam

TestFunda ,  24-Aug-11

In an online chat hosted by Get Ahead on August 23, Aziz Manva, head, addressed reader queries on how to crack 'subjective selection' for IBPS BankPO exam. The exam is scheduled on September 18, 2011.

Here's the unedited transcript:

 m asked,anyone here?
Aziz Manva answers, at 2011-08-23 15:56:43yes..ask your doubt

m asked,hi aziz... can you please suggest me how to start preparing for the exam?
Aziz Manva answers,Work on reading comprehension, BODMAS, charts and reasoning. That will cover a lot of 3 sections. Read newspapers and magazines regularly to improve your GK. For computers focus on hardware, software, networking, internet, viruses, etc
Shubir asked,Sir, I want to join State Bank of India. Do i have to give this exam?
Aziz Manva answers,No, the score of this exam is not valid for SBI. The SBI exam was last conducted on 24 July. You will need to check the SBI website for the dates of the next exam
m asked,which books can i refer for computers?
Aziz Manva answers,There is no one book that you can refer. There are multiple books. However, in our courseware we have a complete chapter which covers all these areas of computers
Aziz asked,What banks can i join after passing this exam?
Aziz Manva answers,There are 19 possible banks that you can join. Some of them are Union Bank of India, United Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, etc. You will get the full list from the IBPS website
sudhey asked,Sir, I have been attending Bank exam past 6-8 months.I find english and GK easy and same time reasoning and quantitive aptitude tough to finsih on time.Is there any shotcuts or tricks while attending the test to get good marks.
Aziz Manva answers,You will need to identify question types in reasoning that you are conmfortable with. Understand that you don't need to complete the entire reasoning section. You just need to clear the cut-off for Reasoning Similarly in Quant, you should try and target BODMAS as well as charts
777 asked,How many Vaccancies are there now?
Aziz Manva answers,That information will only be available from each participating bank's website
arunoday asked,sir, what do you mean when you say that you don't need to complete the entire reasoning section?
Aziz Manva answers,I mean that you can still go through to the next round even if you don't attempt all 50 questions in Reasoning. This is because the exam has sectional cut-offs. So, even if you attempt 40 questions and get 35-37 right, that is better than attempting 50 questions and getting only 40-42 right
sudhey asked,Is there any website which u know where I can try mock test , the one which is there in IBPS is not working .
Aziz Manva answers,You can try a free mock test from our website There are 9 more mock tests that are also available on our site but they need to be purchased
777 asked,Which Institute is Best in Kerala for Bank Coaching??
Aziz Manva answers,Sorry..we would not have too much of an idea regarding that

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