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TestFunda ,  17-Mar-17

Atharva college of engineering,malad(west)is super excited for E-week17 which will be celebrated .starting today from 20 march,2017.the theme for this year is “ideas for change”,under the guidance of national entrepreneurship network(NEN).E-week is a national level festival which imparts the spirit of entrepreneurship in the young minds of our country.If you think’E’stands for ‘Eco-friendly’then you are mistaken,because ‘E’means ‘entrepreneurship’ Entrepreneurship Week or E-week as it is fondly called, is the annual, flagship entrepreneurship event   of Atharva College of Engineering.

The major aim of this fest to encourage start ups, promote new ideas, promote the marketing and branding of various innovations and last but not the least, to develop and help in generating an entrepreneurial perspective amongst the students.All the upcoming start ups are welcome in E-week to promote their ideas! If you enter the college campus,you will see students engaged in various events This year, we have introduced some really cool events which are bound to attract budding entrepreneurs. They are "The Idea Box", "Elevators Pitch", "Chef Steps","Websters", "Lights Camera Entrepreneurship" and "Glamour On!" On one hand where events like "The Idea Box" are purely about bringing up some cool ideas, the other events like "Chef Steps" & "Glam On!" Are all about creating a brand out of your own awesome idea!
Apart from these core start-up related events,  there is room for those interested in some fun as well!.The festival also includes socio-preneurship activities like E-week@schools,EMBER. There is also the inclusion of Fun events and some really cool games.

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