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Contest for the month of June

Contest for the month of June

TestFunda ,  01-Jun-17

1st Prize: Azeem Chawla (aseemchawla3)

Contest: Word War

Words are powerful weapons of the intellect. A large arsenal of words can help you defeat even the most powerful of opponents. And in a war bigger the arsenal, better are your chances of winning.
Remember the time when we learnt how to form a word using alphabets? We all struggled with it, right? Question then was, “How to form a meaningful word?”. Well now that we have grown and have developed a good vocabulary over these years, we are coming up with a contest, where you can put your word arsenal to test. The question we ask you now is “How many words can you think of?” 
Let’s find out who has a bigger word arsenal and who wins this Word War!

Here’s a matrix that has 9 alphabets and you must find out maximum number of meaningful words that can be formed using only those 9 alphabets.


1. An alphabet can repeat itself only once in a single word.
2. A word should have minimum 3 alphabets.
3. User who comes up with maximum number of words wins.
4. In case it is a tie for winner’s position; length of the words will be used as judging parameter
5. You may send more than 1 entry but 1 person will win just 1 prize
6. Decisions of the judges will be final; no arguments will be entertained regarding the same


1st Prize - Laptop Bag

How to participate 

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