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Contest for the month of July

Contest for the month of July

TestFunda ,  05-Jul-17
Contest: Word Mine

 Final Winner: Sushree Sangeeta Jena (Litun01)

Round 2 Winners:

Winner: Sushree Sangeeta Jena (Litun01)

Runner up:  Nitin kalra 

Round 1 Winners:

WinnerSushree Sangeeta Jena (Litun01)

Runner up: Amisha Shukla 

A mine is a natural deposit of valuable minerals and ores and mining is extracting these valuables from the mine. Although it might not strike us as much, words are extremely valuable and one of the primary ways of communication in this world. For our July contest, we present to you a mine of valuable words. Having learned and used words for so many years, we are sure that you will be able to extract a lot of words from this Word Mine.

The contest is simple if you have played Word Search but as always, there’s a catch. You won’t be getting the list of words which we expect you to locate in the word matrix, rather you are going to give us a list of how many meaningful words you can locate in the word mine.

This contest will be held in 2 separate rounds, you can earn points in each round. At the end of the contest, points earned by each player from both the rounds will be added up and the one with the maximum points will win the contest.

Round 1: Starts on 5th of July and ends on 16th July. 

Round 2: Starts on 17th of July and ends on 31st July.

Round 2


1. A word should have minimum 3 alphabets.

2. The user who comes up with the maximum number of words wins.

3. You can send as many entries via e-mail from single email ID, we will count them all.

4. Decisions of the judges will be final; no arguments will be entertained regarding the same

How to participate:

Mail your answers to with Subject line: Contest of the month-Word Mine_Round2_TFUsername

Prizes: (For each round)

Winner: 10 Points
Runner up: 5 Points
Participation: 2 Points

Final Winner who scores the highest points will win a TestFunda Laptop Bag

 Laptop Bag
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