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Question of the day
Question of the Day (09-Jan-19)

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Mr. Glen Meyer, a 62-year-old farmer, was for the first time convicted of having bashed another farmer in the face with a truck fuel pump during an argument. Mr. Meyer could have been sentenced to 2 to 10 years in prison. Instead the judge, taking into account that Mr. Meyer had an elderly mother at home with him, gave him probation, but confined him to his home for a year, allowing him only to keep doctors' appointments and to attend church. In addition, Mr. Meyer had to pay a $7,500 fine and the victim’s medical bills, amounting to nearly $10,000. Finally, Mr. Meyer was required by the judge to post for thirty months a large sign at the end of his driveway, visible to drivers along the road into town, which reads, “Warning: A Violent Felon Lives Here. Travel at Your Own Risk.” 

Is the judge’s requirement that Mr. Meyer post the sign morally justifiable?

 1)Yes; since Glen Meyer is known to be a violent man and he is out of jail, if Glen Meyer commits such crimes again the judge does not become responsible for keeping Glen Meyer out of jail.
 2)Yes; since Glen Meyer is a violent person and out of jail, it becomes necessary to warn others that while dealing with Glen Meyer people have to be careful, otherwise they may be equally responsible for violent crimes.
 3)No; since it is Glen Meyer’s first crime, labelling him a ‘violent felon’ is not morally justifiable. Besides, the judge had the option to keep Glen Meyer in jail rather than subject him to public humiliation.
 4)Yes; since the judge has allowed Glen Meyer to be out of jail to take care of his ailing mother, it becomes necessary to initiate some measures that will help prevent such incidents in future.
 5)No; since Glen Meyer has paid the fine, paid the medical bills of the victim, and is taking care of his ailing mother, the signboard is unjustifiable and does not help reform Glen Meyer; on the contrary it labels him as a violent person and reinforces it.

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