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Question of the day
Question of the Day (05-Jan-19)

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Amol, Beena, and Charu were very good friends since school. Amol and Beena were in the same college and began dating each other since their first year in college.After graduation they announced their engagement. About six months before the wedding, Beena’s father became ill and she could not spend any time with Amol. Knowing Beena’s difficult emotional condition and Amol’s feelings of loneliness, Charu made a point of spending time with both of them. One evening Amol confessed to Charu that he had a brief affair shortly after Beena’s father became ill. After his confession, Amol told Charu how grateful he was to have gotten all of that off his chest and thanked Charu for being such a good friend. Still, Charu was speechless. The following week, Beena called Charu and asked her to help her with the preparation for the wedding. In the car Beena mentioned that she thought that Amol seemed a little preoccupied for the past month, but also added that the last few times they were together he seemed like his old self again. She then asked Charu for her opinion about whether “something was going on with Amol”.

Should Charu tell Beena about Amol’s affair?

 1)Yes. Since Beena is a true friend of both Amol and Charu, the way Amol felt free to confess to Charu, Charu should reveal everything to Beena and help her decide about the marriage.
 2)No. Without mentioning Amol's affair, Charu should mention that ‘something indeed was going on with Amol’, and tell Beena to talk it out with Amol.
 3)Yes. Charu should arrange a meeting of all three and persuade both Beena and Amol to talk things over.
 4)No. Charu must advise Beena to discuss her problems with Amol and persuade Amol to talk it over with Beena before the wedding.
 5)Yes. Charu should reveal everything about Amol’s affair to Beena and persuade her to understand that it all happened because Beena was not in a position to devote time to Amol.

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