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Indian B-school graduates get jobs easily: GMAC Survey

Indian B-school graduates get jobs easily: GMAC Survey

TestFunda ,  05-Jun-14
A survey by Graduate Management Admission Council, which conducts GMAT, shows that 92% of Indian management students had an offer of employment, as against 33% in Asia-Pacific region and 57% globally. Industry-wise, for management graduates of India, jobs are raining from technology (31%), consulting (26%), finance/ accounting (16%).

The survey was carried out among the students of the class of 2014 across 111 universities in 20 countries. In all 3,049 graduate management students were surveyed. Compared to the global scenario, it's a healthy picture for graduates from Indian B-schools. The Global Management Education Graduate Survey 2014, which also included 260 management students across eight institutions, stated that 9 in 10 students at Indian schools have job offers.  When compared to the Asia-Pacific region as well as globally, the ratio in India is very high.

Globally 57% of the students graduating this year have already received at least one job offer. Finance/accounting remained the top choice with 26% to work in this job function. Postgraduate programme students seemed to be preferred over those pursuing full-time MBA. Nearly 91% of students pursuing PGP have job offers compared to 53% of those in full-time MBA.
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