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CAT 2013 100%ilers - Interview with Suneet Kumbhat

CAT 2013 100%ilers - Interview with Suneet Kumbhat

TestFunda ,  29-Jan-14
We interacted with CAT 2013 100%iler Suneet Kumbhat on the approach that he used to crack the exam. Here are his insights in the form of an interview:

1. When did you start your CAT preparations and what study plan did you follow?

It has been a cumulative effort since I gave CAT the first time – in 2010. This year, I started preparing from August. Used to give a mock a week and would make it a point to analyse the solutions. Towards the end, also worked on a few topics like geometry and para jumbles which I thought I required some work on. I did this by solving a lot of questions on these topics.

2. Which was your strongest  and weakest section and how did you prepare for it?

My strongest section was the 1st section and LR in the second section. I would try improving on my speed in the first section in order to get a good overall percentile in case the 2nd section didn't go to plan. VA was my weaker section. I used to give a lot of tests and constantly analysed my performance here. Looking at solutions gave me perspectives as to how a particular kind of question can be solved.

3. If you were a working professional, how did you manage your time?

Well, I have been working on my startup WordsForYou – a personalized content writing service. I used to take out some time on Sundays to give tests. Giving mock tests judiciously was the key.

4. In brief, tell us about your experience on the exam day. Also describe the question selection strategy that you followed.

Before leaving for the exam venue, I solved a Sudoku and a Kakuro just to get my mind going. Relaxed while waiting for the exam to start. Question selection strategy was simple, I left the questions from my weaker areas for the end in section 1. Also, I tried solving the questions fast. I didn't solve all the DI questions in one go but solved the 3 sets of questions at different points of the exam. The point was to not get involved in a lot of calculations together.

In section 2, I started off with a few questions on grammar and para jumbles, questions which I was confident about. The first para jumble I solved was quite difficult so I kept the others for the end. Like the first section, solved the 3 comprehensions at different points but as they were easy, made it a point that I got enough time on them. After 25 odd minutes, solved all the questions on LR all together. In the end came back to the difficult questions and tried solving them. Luckily for a lot of tough questions, I could eliminate at least 1 and in most of the cases 2 options. So I took calculated guesses for a few of the questions. In the end, solved all the questions, something that I had aimed to do before the exam.

5. Did you receive calls from IIMs? If yes, how many did you receive and what will be your selection strategy in choosing  'The IIM' from all the calls?

Yes, have got calls from all the IIMs whose lists are out. Currently I am focusing on cracking the interviews. Will take a call on ‘The IIM’ after that.

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