Question of the Day 
Fill in the blanks in the passage with the most appropriate set of words from the options for each blank.

Let it therefore be noted that it is the ‘Recollections’ that are censured. Elsewhere De Quincey certainly shows a ___________________ recognition of Wordsworth’s great qualities, and that before they had been fully admitted; but everywhere there is an _______________ of familiarity and a patronising self-consciousness that is irritating to any one who reverences great genius and high ______________. It may be conceded that De Quincey, so far as he was capable, did reverence Wordsworth; but his exaggerations of awe and delays bear on the face of their unveracity.
 1)glimmering, impertinence, rectitude
 2)complete, deference, iridescence
 3)gracious, preponderance, veracity
 4)didactic, elation, significance