Puzzle of the Week 
After successfully identifying the red-haired witch as Alvira, Prince Atif felt he had earned himself the magical map of Parzania (Prince of Parzania - The Three Witches). But, the witches had other plans on their mind. Roohina, the Brunette, created a kind of a chasm in which appeared the magical map of Parzania. She asked Prince Atif to seize his prize by stepping into the chasm. When he did, he vanished, map-in-hand, into thin air and reappeared in a dimly-lit, dingy dungeon. A tap on the back startled him. He hadn't, until then, realised that he had company. An old, frail-looking, withered man stood beside him. He introduced himself as Armaan, the prince of a far-away land, who had been trapped there for several years by the trickery of the same evil witches. There was a way to escape the dungeon and that was to unlock the door by typing a certain 5-letter password. He couldn't figure it out himself. He took Prince Atif to the door and showed him the inscription on the door accompanied by the device that bore the buttons that were to be used to key in the password.

Read the inscription and 'try' to deduce the password to unlock the door and help Prince Atif continue in his quest for Princess Laiba. Provide a detailed solution for your answer.

WIN Reward Points!