Puzzle of the Week 
Sanaa and Pallavi had a row over the distribution of a box of chocolates that was given to them by their friend, Danish. Pallavi yelled, "You haven’t distributed the chocolates fairly! You have kept thrice the number of chocolates that I have, for yourself. I demand a re-distribution!" To this, Sanaa calmly responded by giving Pallavi one chocolate for each year of her age, in addition to what she already had and asked, "Are you happy now?" "This is still unfair! Now, I have half as many chocolates as you do", screamed Pallavi.  Sanaa lost her cool and yelled back, "Listen, I think I've given you more than enough. After all, I'm twice your age. You have to obey me." Saying this, she stormed out of the room, leaving all the chocolates, including her own, on the table. After she left, Pallavi took her own chocolates and stole chocolates from Sanaa's pile equal to Sanaa's age and ran away. Sanaa later came and collected her chocolates that were left on the table. Who has more chocolates: Sanaa or Pallavi? Provide a detailed explanation for your answer.
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