Puzzle of the Week 
After helping the witch make her love potion (Prince of Parzania - The Witch's LOVE Potion), Prince Atif was rewarded by the witch with a magical potion, which, on drinking, would immediately transport him to Jaffer's palace. While the Ceremonial Dance continued (Prince of Parzania - The Ceremonial Dance), out of nowhere, Prince Atif burst into the scene and started disrupting the ensemble. Jaffer's henchmen attacked, only to be slaughtered at the edge of Atif's sword. After thwarting all the minions, Prince Atif reached the podium where Jaffer was seated. After a short, action-packed, physical tussle, Atif had made short work of Jaffer. He demanded to know Princess Laiba's whereabouts or it would be off with Jaffer's head. Jaffer agreed to tell him, but on one condition - Prince Atif would solve a puzzle and prove that he is worthy of the princess:

Said Jaffer,"Fifteen years ago my first wife, Aleyah, and I along with our three daughters, Mariam, Samiya and Saniya, had first moved into this mansion in Parzania. At that time, my age was twice the sum of the ages of my daughters. Sometime during the next 5 years, Aleyah gave birth to my elder son, Jamal. Ten years ago, my age was equal to the ages of all my children combined."

"A few years after Jamal was born, while giving birth to our second son, Junaid, Aleyah passed away. What a tragic loss that was! At that time, Mariam was as old as Saniya and Jamal together. And, now, my age is half the ages of all my children put together. Also, the ages of Mariam and Samiya together are equal to my age. Mariam's age is equal to that of my two sons."

"Too complicated, huh Prince? What I want you to do, Prince Atif, is deduce the ages of me and my children. If you manage to guess our ages, I'll accept defeat and tell you where she is and, by the way, there's a slim chance of that happening! Even if you kill me, you will never know where your Princess lies!! Either way, I win. Muahahahaha!"

Solve the riddle and help the Prince determine Princess Laiba's whereabouts. Provide a detailed solution along with your answer.

WIN Reward Points!