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The Indian space research program started post independence. Prime Minister Nehru’s vision and Prof Vikram Sarabhai’s interest in rocketry and space research led to the formation of the Indian Space Research Organization in 1969. Ever-since its inception, ISRO has developed several programs in space technology and its application to national tasks.
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A visual treat of the old and new man-made wonders of our world.
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The Indo-US N deal proposes a bilateral contract on civil nuclear collaboration between the US and India. This requires India to separate its public and military nuclear facilities and place the former under the protection of the International Atomic Energy Agency. In exchange, the US has settled to extend full civil nuclear cooperation with India.
koredipak, 20-Apr-18 10:02:20 PM
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Click here for the weekly GK.
nehanj, 06-Sep-17 11:41:54 PM
 I want weekly or monthly gk 
rojgardhaba, 08-Jun-17 05:59:09 PM
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Hii...This is good for SC/ST...they will grow more & more...

Ruling Race of india ?
rojgardhaba, 19-May-17 03:12:42 PM
 So what is today News.... 
jaanuroy, 11-May-17 11:21:38 AM
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 The record for Most Grand Slam singles titles(Male) at the Australian Open belongs to Novak Djokovic and Roy Emerson. Both of them have won 6 titles each, compared to the 5 titles won by Roger Federer. 
suba1995mk, 13-Feb-17 06:56:38 PM
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