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Contest for the month of April

Contest for the month of April

TestFunda ,  04-Apr-17

1st Prize: Naman agarwal (Username: naman.agarwal92)
2nd Prize: Vishal Gupta (Username: vish123az)

Hello TestFundians, we are back with another exciting contest for April. 

Remember all the fill in the blanks questions we did in school? Well this contest requires you to fill in the blanks. Seems easy? Feel everyone can do it? Not quite so. We have put down easy sentences and removed words in between. Use your imagination to fill up those blanks. The one which makes us go "wow",  takes the cake.

So, take out your pens and let the war begin!

Contest: Fill - O - Words

Chandler and his wife had planned a vacation together in the Bahamas. But at the last moment, his wife got stuck in a business event . Since all the bookings had already been done, Chandler went there first and his wife decided to meet him the next day. 

On _________ the hotel, he decided to send his wife a quick email, ____________ her of the place. 

While typing her e-mail id, he ___________ a letter and his e-mail instead of reaching his wife, got delivered to the inbox of his elderly neighbour's wife, whose husband had passed away the day before. 

That evening, when the ____________ widow checked her email, she took one look at the monitor, and with a _____________ scream and a look of shock on her face, fell to the ground unconscious. 

Hearing the scream, her son rushed to the room and checked out the monitor which said, 

"Just checked in here. Everything is prepared. I am eagerly ____________ your arrival tomorrow. You will sure love the place."

Date: 5th - 30th April

  • The entries should consist answers for all the 6 blanks.
  • Original (self made) entries will be entertained
  • Plagiarised entries will be disqualified
  • You may send more than 1 entry but 1 person will win just 1 prize
  • Entries with spelling errors will be rejected
  • Decision of the judges will be final. No arguments will be entertained regarding the same

To participate:
Post your answer as a comment on this article


1st Prize - Laptop Bag

2nd Prize: 500 reward points

All participants get 100 reward points.


Sr No Topic Date
1. SBI PO (Quantitative Ability) 15th April
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