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Contest and quizzes for the month of May

Contest and quizzes for the month of May

TestFunda ,  03-May-17

1st Prize: Shweta Salunke (shweta.salunke)
None of the entries are qualified for the 2nd Prize

Ever solved a jigsaw puzzle as a kid? Does the thrill of a puzzle awaken the Sherlock Holmes in you? This May TestFunda will take you back in time to your childhood with this jigsaw puzzle!. But with a TWIST! Here's the catch, You won't be able to move the puzzle blocks, You will have to use your imagination to replicate the actual image. To make the puzzle a bit easy on you, we will be numbering the blocks and you will tell us the sequence of the numbers.

Let's see what skills you have up your sleeves. 

So, let your brain feed on the puzzle and enjoy the thrill of a mystery well solved! 

Contest: JigSaw Puzzle

JigSaw Image:

Round 2:

Original Image:

Round 1:

  • Plagiarised entries will be disqualified
  • You may send more than 1 entry but 1 person will win just 1 prize
  • Decision of the judges will be final. No arguments will be entertained regarding the same
To participate:
Post your answer as a comment on this article

Answer format:

1st Row:   1     2     3   4
2nd Row:  5     6     7   8
3rd Row:   9    10  11  12
4th Row:   13  14   15  16  


1st Prize - Laptop Bag

2nd Prize: 500 reward points


Sr No Topic Date
1. Cricket Quiz 27th May
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