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On this page you can see the 20 most recent Tips of the Day.
Glancing through the entire section before solving it is useful, as it gives an idea of how the questions have been spaced out across the section. This helps in cutting down the time that goes into flipping pages and searching for the right question to solve.
The formula for calculating permutations is used when the order of the selected items matters while that of combinations is used when only the number of selected items matters, they may be selected in any random order.
Statements that have non-quantifiable words like beauty, strength, failure etc. are classified as judgments since these parameters cannot be measured and hence are beyond the scope of being stated as facts or being drawn as inferences.
In DI questions involving pie-charts, the degrees of all sectors should be converted to percentages as most of the questions revolve around this conversion. Also, while converting all degrees into percentages in one go, the chances of making calculation errors reduce.
Identifying the central idea of an RC passage is very important as most of the supporting ideas revolve around this one basic idea. Also, while solving the questions, a correct understanding of the core essence of the passage will enable one to easily identify all the incorrect options that contradict it.
The relative speed of two objects is given by the sum of their speeds if they are moving in the opposite direction and their difference when they are moving in the same direction.
Attempting RCs is a must even for test takers who are not confident in them as more than half the verbal section consists of RC questions. Those who do not attempt RCs at all go into the exam with an obvious handicap.
For any type of quadrilateral, its area is equal to half the product of its two diagonals and the sine of the angle between them.
Paragraph Completion questions in which the last sentence of the paragraph has been removed try to test your ability of arriving at conclusions. Choose the option which concludes or closes the paragraph in the best way possible, not an option which introduces new facts or continues an already mentioned idea.
Any prime number greater than 3 can be represented in the form of 6k ┬▒ 1. However, if a number is represented in this form, that does not necessarily mean that it is prime.
While solving Jumbled Sentences, look for certain key words or phrases in sentences that may make them the first or last sentence of the paragraph. First sentence phrases include 'firstly', 'In the beginning' etc. while last sentence phrases are 'Hence', 'Thus', 'In the end' etc.
The area of any triangle is directly proportional to the square of any of its linear attributes - side, median, altitude. This property can be used to solve questions based on similar triangles faster.
A dictionary does not prove as useful as a thesaurus when one is trying to build a strong vocabulary. Whereas a dictionary might help you understand the exact meaning of a word, a thesaurus adds to your vocabulary by introducing a new set of words that have a similar meaning to the original word.
Working with inequalities is similar to working with equalities, except for the fact that when both the sides of the inequality are multiplied or divided by a negative number, the inequality gets reversed.
RCs that have long passages are usually riddled with facts and figures. In such cases, reading the questions before reading the passage makes much more sense.
While solving logical reasoning questions, it is always beneficial to represent the conditions in the form of dynamic diagrams i.e. diagrams in which all the conditions can be accommodated and represented together as a whole.
Although an instinctive approach is better in solving questions based on grammar, a thorough knowledge of grammar rules and exceptions actually helps in verifying your answers and solving questions quicker.
If we take a point anywhere inside the parallelogram and join it with all the four vertices, we get four triangles such that the sum of the areas of both sets of vertically opposite triangles is equal.
Maintaining a very high accuracy in the verbal section is not as easy as it is in the Math and DI sections. Attempt more questions to compensate for this drop in accuracy.
Some DI questions like highest increase, sharpest fall etc. that involve line graphs can be answered by looking at the slope of the graphs. One need not calculate actual values using absolute figures for these questions.
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