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On this page you can see the 20 most recent Tips of the Day.
In a typical GD, if you don't have much data on the topic under discussion, don't panic. Listen to other participants' points and build up on them or paraphrase (with some additions) what they have already said.
Show your CV to peers, or seniors/superiors for comments before finalising the same. It helps to get a second opinion.
Even minor errors in your CV create a bad impression. Make sure you carefully proof-read your CV. Also, run a spell check using commonly available software.
For candidates with work-experience, interview questions about their company test depth of knowledge and understanding of their immediate environment. This is a necessary trait B-schools look for, in aspiring managers. Hence it is important that you know the basic information about your current profile and the company in general.
Be prepared for the fact that the interview panel may not agree with opinions that you present to them. Be prepared to defend your point of view politely, but firmly.
Identify your key strengths, and make sure that your bio-data reflects these strengths.
In your Personal interview, you may be asked a lot of questions about your current place of work. It helps to have all the details you can lay your hands on and be prepared for any question about your company.
Keep your biodata as concise as possible. Your main selling points should not be lost in a mass of data.
Do not shift focus if it appears that a panelist or the panel is not paying attention to your answers. Keep doing your job as best as you can.
Once you have taken a stand on a topic during a group discussion, do not change it unless there are strong reasons for you to do so.
When articulating a stand on any topic, be aware of the points that may be used by people taking an opposing stand. Think of how to rebut those points.
If you are completely unsure of what stand to take in a group discussion, listen to the points made by the first two-three speakers, and then contribute points for or against, without committing to a stand.
Remain focused and positive during an interview – irrespective of how good or bad you think it is going. Do not let a question that you do not know the answer to affect your performance for future questions. Similarly, if you have answered a difficult question well, stay focused to improve your performance.
When you read an editorial in a daily, compare its presentation style, tone and organization with the way you would have done the same. From this, you will get more options - different ways of organizing data and presenting arguments in group discussion and personal interview.
Break your preparation for the group discussion and personal interview into different aspects: preparing your resume, deciding answers to interview questions, reading up on current affairs, and allocate time to each of these.
FMS test has to be solved in 120 minutes and comprises of around 175 questions. The sections are Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability, Logical and Analytical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension. Each correct answer carries 4 marks and each incorrect answer carries -1 mark. Best of luck for the test.
Your poise and confidence throughout the interview are important. In case you don't know the answers to a few questions in the interview, don't panic. Quite a few students have secured admissions in B-schools inspite of not knowing answers to a few questions.
Spend a lot of time preparing for the first and the most important question of your Personal Interview – ‘Tell us something about yourself.’
On the day of GD-PI, get acquainted with the participants' names and backgrounds during the waiting period. This will help you address them with their names during the GD and relax your tense nerves throughout the process.
The ability to play different roles at different times in a GD will put you in good stead. Different situations in a GD will require you to have the mobility across roles.
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