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On this page you can see the 20 most recent Tips of the Day.
Networking with your seniors who have got into good institutes is a very useful asset. Ask them about specific tips regarding the institutes that nobody else will be able to provide.
Your academic background is one of the key areas where interview questions can be asked. Review the key subjects in your area of graduation/specialization.
If two objects are moving around a circular track starting at the same point and in the opposite direction, and if they meet for the first time at the starting point after completing m and n rounds (m is not equal to n), then m and n are co-prime.
Be prepared with specific, realistic goals that you can discuss with the interview panel. Break your goals down into short-term, medium-term, and long-term.
It is perfectly okay in an interview to say “I don’t know” once or twice.
Volume of a cone remains unaltered even if we change the location of the vertex anywhere on the plane parallel to the base of the cone.
Don’t make your interview a stress interview. It is up to the panelist to decide how your performance was. Let them do their job. You do yours as best as you can.
Be especially careful not to introduce esoteric keywords in your biodata that you are not comfortable speaking about.
If the coordinates of the vertices of a parallelogram PQRS are P(a, b), Q(c, d), R(e, f) and S(g, h) then a + e = c + g and b + f = d + h.
Know each point and every word in your biodata by heart. Put in points that you are comfortable speaking about or expanding upon.
Remove stage fright by participating in group discussions with friends. Make your own group, and ask one person to be the moderator.
If a, b, c, ... be the roots of equation f(x) = 0, then
The equation whose roots are -a, -b, -c, ... is f(-x) = 0
The equation whose roots are 1/a, 1/b, 1/c, ... is f(1/x) = 0
The equation whose roots are ka, kb, kc, ... is f(x/k) = 0
The equation whose roots are (a - k), (b - k), (c - k), is f(x + k) = 0
Learn to lead interviews by speaking keywords that attract interviewers to ask you follow-up questions on. This can make the difference between a successful interview, and an unsuccessful one.
If f(x) is a polynomial, then f(k) is the remainder when f(x) is divided by (x - k).
Write down the answer to “Tell us something about yourself” in detail, practice saying it in front of a mirror without sounding memorized, and use voice modulation.
The product of any n consecutive integers is divisible by n!.
“Tell us something about yourself” is the most important question in a personal interview. Decide the areas of your personality and background that you want to highlight, and then create an answer that reflects them.
The number of ways in which N, having p number of factors, can be expressed as the product of two factors, including 1 and N, is (p + 1)/2 or p/2, according as N is, or is not, a perfect square.
Cultivate the ability to defend your opinions politely, rationally, logically, and effectively. Practice how to disagree without entering into an argument. This will serve you in great stead in the interviews.
If a and b are each multiplied by any number n, or are divided by a common divisor n, then the HCF of a and b, is multiplied or divided by n.
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