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On this page you can see the 20 most recent Tips of the Day.
Make it a point to be abreast of current affairs while preparing for GD/PI – read one daily newspaper with the business section, and if possible a business newspaper as well.
If n is a prime number, the coefficient of every term in the expansion of (a + b) raised to the power n, except the two terms a raised to power n and b raised to power n is always divisible by n.
After CAT, do not spend more than one or two days in analyzing the paper, especially your performance in it. Move on to preparing for other exams, and group discussions and personal interviews.
Today is the day you have been preparing and readying yourself for. Go out with a positive mind and may the force be with you. Best of Luck!
Please sharpen your HB pencils from both the ends. Carry extra pencils, an extra eraser and an extra copy of your admit card. Today evening is the time to keep them ready.
On the examination day, reach the venue on time. Avoid trying to discuss/ overhear other students’ conversations about the paper pattern, last minute preparation tips, revision of most important things, etc. The only thing that matters at that time is having a cool and relaxed mind.
It would be a good idea to visit your test centre on Saturday to get a feel of the place. This will help control the anxiety and reduce travel related issues on the day of test.
Finish all the revising and test taking by Friday, 14th November. Last minute hectic revisions are highly avoidable. Saturday, 15th November, is the day to relax and keep yourself rejuvenated. A light movie/ small outing would help.
For Verbal Ability questions, especially RC, continue reading editorials of national dailies – 1 or 2 everyday.
In one week, avoid taking more than 2/3 mock tests. Spend time on revising important concepts and finalizing your paper attempt strategy.
Few days before CAT is the time to brush up on important concepts. Avoid trying to study absolutely new concepts at this time, no matter how important they may be (according to someone else).
Ensure you take out enough time for recreation and relaxation everyday in these last few days to CAT. It is as important, if not more, as staying in touch with all the 3 sections on an everyday basis.
In an isosceles triangle, all the four centres viz. circumcentre, incentre, centroid and orthocentre lie on the median drawn from the vertex contained by equal sides to the non-equal side.
An important factor in solving Jumbled Sentences questions is learning to identify sentence pairs that can definitely be said to be consecutive. Look for links in sentences, connectors, and connecting ideas.
There is no general formula for the sum of any number of quantities in harmonic progression. Questions in H.P. are solved by inverting the terms and making use of the properties of the corresponding A.P.
Do not go by the length of questions in the verbal area. Difficult questions can be short, whereas lengthy questions, while time-consuming, may be easy.
In a right angled triangle, the mid-point of the hypotenuse is the circum-centre and the vertex containing 90° angle is the orthocentre.
Make sure you read the instructions of verbal questions carefully. While instructions do not generally change from year to year, you should be confident and understand clearly when you attempt the question, as to what is expected. It would be useful to be familiar with the standard instructions for each question type, thus reducing the reading time for instructions.
For a fixed perimeter, the area of a regular polygon with higher number of sides will always be more than the area of a regular polygon of lesser sides. So, if an equilateral triangle, square, regular pentagon, regular hexagon have the same perimeter, then their order of areas will be: Equilateral triangle < Square < Regular pentagon < Regular hexagon.
Be prepared to be flexible in your approach while attempting mock papers. There have been occcasions in past CATs where questions that have traditionally appeared in one section have been moved to another.
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