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Posted by quixotic_me 2451 days ago
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seven chess players participated in a chess tournament.The players were ranked from 1 to 7,based on their ratings before the tournament.In the tournament,each player played two games against every other player i.e one game with black pieces and the other with white pieces .The games were scheduled on consecutive days such that on any day exactly three games were scheduled involving six of the seven players ,while the remaining player was rested on that day and no particular order was followed for resting the players. For any player one point was awarded for a win,half a point for a draw and zero points for a loss.The person with the highest total number of total points at the end of the tournament is said to have finished first,the one with the next highest total points,second and so on.If two or more players end up with the same total number of total points their ranks before the tournament are  considered and the one with the best rank (numerically lowest) before the tournament is considered to have finished ahead of the other players.
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If exactly one player ended up with the highest total number of points ,what is the minm possible difference between the points of the player who finished first and that of the player who finished  last in the tournament?
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