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Posted by nitish.jain 2451 days ago
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A dinner was hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Gupta for their son and two daughters along with their spouses. The eight sat around a rectangular table, three on each side and one on each end as illustrated in the diagram given below. From the given clues, determine each person’s full name and position of each around the table.

A. As the host, Rahul sat at the head of the table. Henny noticed that each man sat between two women and no one sat next to his or her spouse.
B. Rakesh is married to Naina and Bipin sat between Rekha and Mrs. Yadav.
C. Teena sat on her son’s right. The three people on each side of the table all had different surnames. One of the surnames was Bhandari.
 Additional Notes: please someone just help me drawing the table for this with explanations.. did not write the questions as they are direct once the table is complete thanks
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